Monday, June 28, 2010

"Your Baby this Week" 11 months 4 weeks

My son turns 1 a week from today.  I am completely overwhelmed- not by parties or presents..honestly I think it will be pretty small.  I am overwhelmed by how much my baby is growing and changing- right now- this minute- this hour this day.  It is madness.  This week he started clapping and I hesitate to say this even but WALKING!  I don't know if it qualifies but he can go about 10 steps.  They always end in a fall but he is so proud and excited he just giggles and claps for himself.  I love it.  I love it in a deep, heart swelling way.  It is beautiful and perfect and makes everything imperfect just fade away.  Right now we are in Spokane WA visiting my hubby's family.  Yesterday we witnessed an Ironman Triathlon.  IT was INSANE...the whole time we were walking around I was feeling every ounce of flab on my body move- yuck!  But it really was super impressive.
So I guess you could say this is vacation- we are staying at my hubby's mom's house- she is the best hostess ever.  I realize though that I don't know how to be on vacation with the Mover.  I have no real expectation so that helps but it is just different. Ok actually I do have an expectation.  I wanted at some point to be outside- quiet- without watching to make sure he doesn't but something in his mouth or fall off something...and right now I am getting that.  It is nice.  Both my boys are sleeping and I am just sitting on the back porch enjoying myself thoroughly.

Alright well I think I am going to look for a cake to make my boy next week and chill.
Just some pictures from the last few weeks. Love you all!