Monday, September 27, 2010


I've been thinking a lot lately about where service comes into play in my life as a stay at home mom.  My Hubby complimented me the other day on how selfless I have become in regard to my Little Mover and how well I have adjust to my life not really being my own.  And it was hard- and sometimes I get selfish and angry because I want what I want and I don't always get it.....pretty sure we all have that- pretty sure it is human nature.  Anyway some how this lead me to thinking about serving others.  But mostly it is just life now and I wouldn't change it at all.
  I find it difficult to serve others well outside of my little world.  Sometimes I feel like my little world has enough problems staying together and "on track" to add other people or things.  But I don't think that is a right thinking.  I believe God is calling me to serve more than just my family.  Not that that is a little thing at all because honestly it is the hardest I think.  But when I need to refocus my priorities on God's proirities- serving others always seems to help that clarity.  God speaks to me best when I am focused on helping His people.
Which leads me to another do I find ways to serve who God wants me to serve while being at home?  Number 1 I don't get out and meet people much, and number 2 the people I do interact with I just don't know if that is where He wants me.  So I don't have a lot of answers here today just thoughts.  I do feel and have always felt that I want to be an activist against injustice and I want to be a revealer of Truth.  I am so frustrated by this World- by the fact that people in Afghanistan are afraid to go out and vote because they may get blown up.  They have families- they want to see change for their families but are they going to risk orphaning their babies?  I am so frustrated with the state of Sudan over the last 10 years- to be a child growing up in fear and death.  Hate it.  I want to make a difference- right here in the lives of my family and friends, but I also never give up on finding an opportunity to make big changes in the world.   I don't want to live in a world population 1 I want a bigger God perspective.