Saturday, April 30, 2011

My hubby has been gone a lot this quarter of school.  Nothing compared to many husbands out there.  Just more than I am used to.  He is in Yellowstone with his class Friday-Monday night.  So the Mover and I cleaned up the house, played in the tent, are washing diapers, and I have no idea what we will do next.  It is dang cold out and snow and windy so outside is a bit limited.
So I just finished reading a book about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and I have decided to start an elimination diet that makes sense to me.  Just trying to get a better grip of what my triggers are so I can feel good continually.  So basically I do 2 week stints of eliminating food groups: diary, gluten, sugar, fructose, and last insoluble fibers.  These are the big ones that usually affect IBS people.  I am pretty sure some of these are not triggers, but I am going to try it and make sure.  The gluten one is gonna hurt BAD!  I love me some bagels and waffles and bread!  So today I am starting the no diary 2 weeks.  Then at the end you go crazy eating dairy and see how you feel.  This will be the easiest for me because I really only eat cheese and butter in the diary group.

I cut the end off the Mover's binkie today..I was nervous!  He was really funny with it..kept taking it out and slobbering all over.  Finally I asked him if it was broken.  He said yeah and through it away.  I think he has no idea it is gone...well nap time is soon.  It will be his first binkieless nap (crossing my fingers).

The Mover wants to be held like a baby all of the time lately.  It is funny--he just backs up to me saying, "baby, baby".  He does get a little heavy though=).  Ironic since he hated being cradle held as a baby!

It rained the other day and we went out in doesn't rain too often in Wyoming--the Mover was confused but soaked, happy, and refused to come inside.

So yeah I kind of miss my hubby =( but it is ok.  He called and all is going well so that is good.

Oh I am also reading a book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.  It is really good--very good=)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So I am on a little mission to get votes for a contest/job I would love to have.  The company is Hopscout and they sell one "classic" toys one a day, that are reviewed and approved and sold at a discount.  They are looking for 5 moms or dads to review products and write blog posts and such--$40 and hour plus  $200 a month toward your child's college fund and $200 stipend for groceries.  Sweet deal right??  Well I am sure it is a free advertising tool for them, it is still a sweet gig.  I am not feeling SUPER positive at this point, but if you have a chance before Friday at Midnight please vote for me on the Hopscout facebook page...and tell all you brothers,sister, moms, etc to vote too! =) thanks
 This is the link to my video I did to enter- top 20 people with the most votes at in the running for the 5 positions.

other than that-  I am just super ready for warm weather....I bought everything to try to fix the screen on my storm door (after watching a "How to" video on I can't get the screen out of the door...I don't know- the video just said take the screen out and they popped it out....mine is not working like that...hmmm..still problem solving that one.

So it is Holy Week.  I have been ready the Easter story to the Mover every morning we read a few pages in his kiddie bible (  I am not capitalizing because it isn't really The Bible it is a story booky version but I love it).  He doesn't really get it or care he just points to animals and such- but it has been good for me to really remember the sacrifices my Savior made for me. 

We are hosting Easter dinner this year.  I am excited- Hubby is making Ham and potatoes, I am making chocolate raspberry truffle, carrots, and punch.  My dad- salad and pineapple bake, and my homegirl Lynn is bringing dessert.  My mom is working at the hospital and my sis and her fam or headed to Nebraska to see my bro-in-law's family. 

That's all she wrote..I need to get some stuff done for my Hubby.

God Bless and happy Passover, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter-- aka- Holy Week.  So thankful that my God is so big he conquered death and made me clean.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I haven't been really feeling very great the last few weeks.  I sometimes feel like it is more emotionally and sometimes physically--just tired and sluggish and unmotivated.  Part of it is I haven't been very busy and I really function better under some pressure.  I also have an evil stomach (IBS)--I haven't talked about it much hear because really I just don't like dwelling on it more than I have to.  But amazingly I have been pretty good- I have been able to eat a lot of things that a few months ago would have had me doubled over in pain.  But I think maybe the flexibility I am allowing myself in diet is part of my sluggish feeling.  I mean, I will take sluggish ,I guess, over miserable, but it is getting old.  I am thinking about taking the plunge back to my old diet...maybe not as severe.

Basically I couldn't eat anything with sugar in it.  Fresh fruits and veggies- out, breads- out, caffeine, chocolate, ice cream, fruit juice, yogurt, all out.  It did help though- -I have done that on and off when my tummy flares up and it helps settle it down.  I still can't handle caffeine or juice-- especially acidic juices.  I have found I can handle small amounts of sugar from fruit if it is not on an empty stomach...I know it is a mess.  My poor hubby can never keep up with all of these things.  So I am going to cut out all refined sugars- still trying to keep the fruits and veggies- and keep the whole grain bread- that does have a little sugar but no high fructose--it has never given me issues.  I am hoping that and getting exercising will help.

I also just need to admit that I need more social interaction than I get in a day, and it wears on me.  Most of my stay at home mom friends are either content to stay at home a lot, or are really involved in "kid activities".   I just want to hang out and let the kids play, but I feel like I am always the initiator and that gets old.  What is weird is I was chatting with a friend who told me that she things everyone feels that way....hmmm...maybe?

So..yeah...I have been really disjointed in my posts lately- thank you all for reading!

Question--what keeps you motivated and energetic???

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day in my brain....

My baby was so tired today- he has been waking up early and almost fell asleep at 11am sitting at the kitchen table, helping me make some pumpkin bread.

Have you heard the song Breakeven by The Script?  It is super catchy I think.

I am working on a material list for my garden (first ever!)  I am gonna need to find some free dirt though...haven't figured that into the budget.  I was looking into doing a compost pile but I think that will wait for now.  I am super excited to do this little project!

Funny story- my friend Chris gave my hubby and I, a Crate and Barrel gift card for our wedding..yes over 5 years ago=)-- I really thought it had $25 on it and I have looked online. but never really found anything I needed and forgot about it.  A few weeks ago my Hubby found it and took it with him to San Fransisco and saw a Crate and Barrel and they scanned it (guess we could have done that online just never thought about it) and it had $60 on it!  Funny huh?  So I bought myself a fancy Cuisinart waffle maker- since I have been using my mom's and she wanted it back.  I haven't gotten it yet but I am super excited and glad I forgot about that card!  It cost me $1.99- whoohooo=)!  Thanks Chris!

My son is the cutest kid ever.

I made this orange cleaner- basically orange peels and vinegar then dilute it in half.  It smells kind of funny.  I can't really decide what I think...

I think we are having Salmon and salad for dinner tonight...I haven't been feeling my meal plan this month...I am still using it, I just never want what I am supposed to make on the day.  Next month my Hubby and I are doing it together.  It will be good I hope..a little worried he will want to spend more--more fancy stuff but then I guess we will see!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Like

1.  This bag on Piperlime under "Girl on a Budget"- super cute huh?

Tried to paste a picture but it was not wanting to go-- seriously though I think I need it=).

2.   I haven't made any recipes yet but I like looking at them.  She also has gluten free which is nice-- we are not gluten free, but I have a few good friends who are so it would be nice to have good recipes ready.

3.  great ideas that are doable-  I am using this and the Money Saving Mom's printables to start my home management notebook tomorrow.  I am excited I need to get everything in one place--I am naturally scattered.  And I love templates- they are my friend.

4.    This is actually a lot rolled into one- I like the Mover, and summer, and playing outside at my parents with the Mover and his cousins (which we were doing in this picture last summer--wow time flies!)  I also kind of like his hair here..I miss it longer...

5.  Days off- as in tomorrow when my hubby is taking the Mover all day so I can just have ME time!!  I am getting a massage and going to a baby shower and to lunch and hoping to get some home management notebook going and scan old pictures into my computer that never happens.
  Oh and I like my hubby who is taking over for the day!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I don't really feel the need to appease people often by pretending I am something I am not.

1.  I don't eat all organic food.

2.  I don''t eat all wheat flour.- or I do eat wheat.. whichever concerns you.

3.  I eat sugar (as much as my ridiculous body allows- not much) and I let my son have sugar.

4.  I buy Walmart brand (just not those few things that are yucky like biscuits and cereal)

5.  I let me son watch TV- Blue's Clues hear we come!!

6.  I don't always understand being a mom or wife.

7.  I don't always trust God.

8.  I listen to non Christian music on Pandora (lately Wilco and The Fray)

9.  I want more of God.

10.  I want to be honest.

I feel like I am finally to a place that I am pretty secure in myself as a house manager..I usually think I am good as a mom, but then a new phase hits --God keeping me humble!  Not that I am perfect, but that I am not going to be easily swayed by other's notions about how it should be.  I may change my views on things through time- actually I am sure I will, but I am OK today just striving to honor God and raise a man with a godly heart and love my husband well.  Basically the grace of God is a beautiful thing.

Off the subject my computer is temporarily is a TOTAL mystery!  So a few old pictures for you.  Happy Tuesday.  I am tired- Goodnight.

This was for Christmas Eve service...OK I know it is April!  Sorry!  But so cute huh??

Christmas Morning Little Mover and the Hubby with his new tent! 

Thick and thin I love these boys!

" Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in love." Romans 12:12

I appreciate you all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snow and other stuff

Big white snowflakes falling today..yes it is April in Wyoming...which pretty much means bipolar weather patterns!  Yesterday I wore flip flops for the first time since ..oh summer and cleaned out my window wells and cleaned up the flower beds a little.  Today yeah...not so much! 

So I have started to "feel" a little freedom in my grocery budget from my few things I am making at home these days.  Loving the $15 or so increase a month from not buying paper towels.  Figure I am saving about $10-15 a month on laundry detergent.  Also made a batch of cream of anything soup- just a simple powdered mix that makes 6 cans worth for maybe $2.  Got that one from .  That is really all but I can tell I feel let stressed about the food.  It is nice.  Makes me want to figure more easy ways to be able to spend more on what we want and less of the budget on what I used to think of as needs.

I have been really annoyed with my cloth diapers lately.  They are stinking really bad when they are dirty.  Ok maybe that sounds dumb but if you are a cloth diaperer you know what I mean--really ammoniaish ans way more than it should be.  I have stripped them with Dawn and bleach like BumGenius says to and about 3 days later--stinky again.  They are still absorbing so who knows!!

My little Mover goes in Tuesday for shots and all that..icky.
Speaking of the Little Mover- he is really testing lots of boundries right now.  Ok pretty much every boundry we have establish this far in his short little life he is being testing.  Hitting, not laying down for bed, not coming when I call him, yeah-  it has made for a trying week or so.   God grant me patience and consistency!

I passed my Eleutian Technology (teaching English to Korean students online) test and mock lesson.  Didn't go as well as I would have liked, but I passed so now I just need to get some paperwork in and start looking for positions. 

I need to go be consistent with my little man right now. :)