Friday, February 10, 2012


Hi friends-- well I am down to mire weeks--2 to be exact until my due date- welcome to the world little one.  We decided to be surprised again and I seriously don't have an inkling if it is a boy or girl!  My pregnancy in all has be great really.  A little emotional (dang hormones) and a little tiring (maybe the extra 25 lbs I packed on) but other than that my stomach has been happy and life it good. 

Now I am in that darn 9th month....literally having a Braxtyn Hicks contractions as I type..whoever said those suckers don't hurt are weirdos.  Anyways I am starting to feel a little down...I think just because the normal tasks of life are getting so hard and my Little Mover is taking advantage of his Momma's slow moving self.  I was putting up with his naughtiness, but now I am just patientless and ticked off.  The wrath of a huge pregnant woman is not pretty.  I scare myself a little.  SO yes in other words I am ready to be able to bend over again, and ready to have the energy to be patiently consistent with my Little Mover.  Wow it is amazing how clear sin nature is revealed through a precious, sweet little boy.  Glad God loves me in all my selfishness...and I don't even have the cute smile to melt His heart!

In other news I have been doing a Bible Study- women's deal at our local E-Free church in town.  They do a Puggles (Awana) class for the little ones and I really felt God putting it on my heart to get involved in something that would give me some consistency and discipline in the Word.  Last semester we did a Women of Genesis study which was interesting and really great in part just to have Godly women to pray with and fellowship with.  Now we are starting a study of the life of David- it is a Beth Moore and 2 other ladies...I can't remember their names...but so far so good.  CHallenging and thought provoking.  It has been good to just get me back in a habit of aily devotions which I have really slacked at the last year or so.  I also read this ebook that I think I mentioned before that has inspired me to morning devos again as well. it has been good.  Challenging and encouraging.

What else?  Elias is learning his ABCs and sounds-- he knows over half of his sounds, which is crazy because we haven't really been super intentional about teaching them, he is just interested.  We are still halfway potty training--he is just not really into it and I have let go of needing to have it done before the little one comes so that takes the pressure off.  He will get there I guess!

Well till next time!