Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hi fall! Where did summer go?

Well Summer is winding down and I remember " I have a blog!".  My sis blames my absence in the blog world and pretty much all social interaction on my Hubby.  It is probably kind of true.  He is off in the summer and we pack it in!

- June we drove to Chicago ( I LOVE the portable dvd player) and spent about a week with my extended family- it was wonderful and really made us feel like we got a head start on summer.  Then Hubby had a few weeks of paid training so Mover and I just hung out...don't really remember what all we did..

- July we stayed home for the Fourth and watched them from the roof.  I Turned 30 (wow seemed big then but now it feels pretty normal).  Mover turned 2!  We made little dirt pudding cups- super cute.  Oh and ended with a weekend just me and Hubby in Denver- honestly it was so needed- we went to Waterworld and went down all the slides together and sat in the sun and read for hours.  Honestly I don't know about the Hubby, but I needed that day-- I missed my baby (he was with Grandma) but it just felt good to reconnect without distraction.

- August we  drove to Spokane to see the Hubby's fam and then we all went over to Seattle for a long weekend-  swam in the hotel pool, hung out with family, ate at Red Robin with a million screaming kids=), walked around the Pier and Pikes Market.  I love Seattle- to visit at least.  Then back to Spokane for some air conditioning at the Hubby's momma's house and just relaxing.  Came home and Hubby started school.

That takes us to today ohhh



Whooo hoo- We - well I figured it out about the second week of July so now I am about 16 weeks or 4 monthsish.  We waited to tell everyone till after the first trimester because of the miscarriage and really I was struggling with fear and trusting that God's plan is the best plan--not that God will make my plan "The Plan".  Basically trusting even when things have gone badly before is hard.  But it is better-- we had an ultrasound at 10 weeks with was AMAZING pretty sure it lifted 100lbs from my chest!  And since that I have heard the baby's heartbeat and felt a few kicks now and then.  And ya know don't fit in any of my pants=).

Well I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information at once so I will sign off...if anyone would like to donate a computer that doesn't break on a regular basis you may hear from me more=)- for now I am just using Hubby's from school and I need to upload summer pics.  Oh and I have to update you on my gardening adventures!  Next time then..

Sooner than later....