Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, usually on Sunday I figure out what I need to do for the week and meal plan and look at the budgets and such.  I am soo not doing it today.  Matt just went to play some basketball but other than that we have just laid low and chilled.   So maybe I will tell you about our budget because I feel like part of my momness is budgeting.  When I quit work to stay home our income was pretty much cut in half.  I worried the last 3 months of my pregnancy.  I am frugal- ok cheap:)  I like good deals and I like saving money.  So a few years ago we started doing an envelope system.  Our stuff we pay throughout the month like gas, groceries, and tithe we put in envelopes.  We do this because we tend to spend more and not know where it went when we use out debt cards.  We don't use checks either- don't even have them.  It forces us to have to plan ahead if we have something we need to pay for.  We pay our other monthly "stuff" like morgage, utilities, internet, and phone with online banking.  I like that- I am in control but don't have to buy stamps and remember to send them on time.  Well this system doesn't work perfectly we do better with it than without.  So you ask--"Are we surviving with half the income?" yes!  I know I am surprised.  It isn't easy.  And we talk about money more than I would like to but it is ok. It has been kind of hard for me not to be contributing financially but I can't imagine teaching resource/special ed all day and then coming home and having energy to keep my family fed and loving on my son.  My house still isn't that clean or organized and I still have a spare room of mayhem in the basement, but I guess we all have our projects.  I now have thought about the week.  True I am going to continue sitting here relaxing while my son takes the once in a great while nap.  Happy weekend and have a great week!  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

One More Thing

I have new favorite song--I am listening to it on repeat on iTunes ohhh all day.  It is my reminder of my Father's love for me.  It is like a big hug from the Guy who holds it all in His hands.  I don't know about you but I need a hug like that at least once a day.
You Are Mine- by Worship Circle

  Hope you get a little peace from this as I have.
Ok baby boy wants his bottle- blessings.

Been Some Time

SO I haven't written lately- though I have so fun things I want to talk about because Monday I was excited to finally share with the world some wonderful and life changing things for me and my family.  So here it is Thursday and I no longer have new and exciting things to share.  Life has changed but not as I had thought.  I would rather like to leave it at that and since it is MY blog I can do that=).

Well as a consequence of this change I have decided I need to do some things this Spring and Summer that I have wanted to do but always seem to find a reason not to.  Sorry hubby I realize this is actually going to create work for you too- oops:).

1.  I am going to have a vegetable garden-  I am thinking small- and will have to move some sprinklers around (hubby) but I am determined to do it.  I have no idea how but I will ready online and well if it fails hay I tried right? right!

2.  I am going to take out all the 1950s ugly rock around the front of my house (it goes around back but I need to make small goals) and plant pretty things that grow in WY- again do I know what the crap I am doing?? Nope- do I have a green thumb?? well I think I do but the plants don't seem to agree.

3.  Build a planter in front of my ugly porch in front.

4.  I will learn to sew and FINALLY make baby wipes for the completion of my cloth diaper experience.

Wouldn't it be sooo much easier if you could see all of this?

Well hopefully before this summer I will sit down with my lovely sister and she will teach me all about photo storage and using my external harddrive with a dang PC (which I am using but not very well) because right now the pictures are all on the Mac- at school with the hubby. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fragile- Handle with Care

Moms, not babies, are fragile.  I know this because well I am fragile sometimes and I tend to have no tact and think I offend fragile moms because of that.  So yesterday I met this nice girl- ok she is my age really,  I think we could be friends- anyway, she has a 3 month old boy and he has been a little high mintenaince as I like to call it.  She is back to work and feeling guilty about it.  She is emotional and questions her ability as a mom.  Did she say all this to me?? Not really but kind of. 
Then there is me- I stay home, but feel bad because I am not contributing.  I fear I am wasting time.  I try to make myself feel better by doing cloth diapers and making baby food and sticking with our budget for food and such.  But I still feel insecure and fragile at times.  I hate telling people I do these things because you really have to be careful with moms or they think that you think you are better than them- this is DEFINATELY not the case.  I am just doing what I need to do to make it...and even then I have days where I am not so sure if we are "making it" whatever that means.
Moms- or maybe just us newbies- we are a tough crowd.  We are tired, overwhelmed, and often feel inadequate.  We have trouble even befriending one another at times.  It is silly- but true.
I just want to give all the new mommas out there a hug and remind them (and myself) that I am not here to please the world or meet some unseen expectation- I am here to simple honor God and love and care for my family.  I need to remember that God is bigger than today and today's concerns.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reasoning through blogging...

To blog or not to blog??  I have decided to.  I fear that no one will listen to me and I will feel silly but really oh well!  I have been inspired by my friends and
and I have decided it may be a good outlet for this crazy talkative girl to "talk" while I am at home all day with a baby that doesn't really talk back (minus mamamam, nananan etc.).  So in the weeks to come I will attempt to share with you, life- as I grow and as my family grows.  Right now my life kind of revolves around making baby food, washing diapers, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, cooking, and enjoying my boys (aka hubby and the busy little man.  You know what else I do?? get interrupted midway through things by a baby who is ANTI I mean ANTI napping...which ironically enough is happening as I type.  Thank you for coming and elcome to Day 1.  Ok...ok...I am coming son...