Thursday, January 28, 2010

Been Some Time

SO I haven't written lately- though I have so fun things I want to talk about because Monday I was excited to finally share with the world some wonderful and life changing things for me and my family.  So here it is Thursday and I no longer have new and exciting things to share.  Life has changed but not as I had thought.  I would rather like to leave it at that and since it is MY blog I can do that=).

Well as a consequence of this change I have decided I need to do some things this Spring and Summer that I have wanted to do but always seem to find a reason not to.  Sorry hubby I realize this is actually going to create work for you too- oops:).

1.  I am going to have a vegetable garden-  I am thinking small- and will have to move some sprinklers around (hubby) but I am determined to do it.  I have no idea how but I will ready online and well if it fails hay I tried right? right!

2.  I am going to take out all the 1950s ugly rock around the front of my house (it goes around back but I need to make small goals) and plant pretty things that grow in WY- again do I know what the crap I am doing?? Nope- do I have a green thumb?? well I think I do but the plants don't seem to agree.

3.  Build a planter in front of my ugly porch in front.

4.  I will learn to sew and FINALLY make baby wipes for the completion of my cloth diaper experience.

Wouldn't it be sooo much easier if you could see all of this?

Well hopefully before this summer I will sit down with my lovely sister and she will teach me all about photo storage and using my external harddrive with a dang PC (which I am using but not very well) because right now the pictures are all on the Mac- at school with the hubby. 


ProudMom said...

You're really making me excited for summer....YAY! :)

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Make your garden bloom!! Chad is also gardening...any tips send them our way! smiles