Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have a booth at a craft fair  I am doing with Stella and Dot this weekend- a little nervous. 

I am trying to shoot a deer for the first time this year- haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet...a little nervous that I will freak out though...

My son has been teething for a month now- 3 top teeth and my sanity is almost out the door.  Pick him up- he cries- put him down- he cries--just can't win momma.

I love Fall and always feel like it slips through my fingers before I have had enough.

I want to eat pumpkin cookies everyday-

but sugar hates my stomach...but that is another story.

I am admitting that I am a procrastinator and work well under pressure.  I also admit I love organization I just can't seem to keep anything organized.

I hate that you have to spend money to make money- this concept is lost on me.

Mormon missionaries have been stalking my house-  I was nice one day and now I see them every week-  I don't have the mental energy to talk to them all the time- but they are so eager and young and I know most people don't open the door so I feel bad.  But the more I listen the more surprise I am at what they believe with little or know evidence.

I think I am going to send my family away next weekend so I can overhaul the basement room from hell that has taken over my basement-  I want it to be a real room not "the room I can't open the door to"  it is truly overwhelming.  I need a trip to the dump- some bins, and a few gallons of paint...and ..ok I probably could think of a lot of things that room needs.

I think I am prolonging a few things with the Little Mover that I probably need to give up- bottles and soft soled shoes.  I don't think the bottles would be hard- he only has one in the morning and one before bed- sometimes not even that.  The shoes though- he hates real shoes- HATES- walks around like he is wearing duck shoes and cries.  He tips over and has no balance- so I don't try it much.  I don't know, I like soft sole shoes they make me feel like he isn't too big yet.  And the bottles..I don't know I think I just give them to him out of habit.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I have been working forever with the Little Mover on sign language- really just "more" and "all done"-  I really need to start "help" also.  Anyways the "all done" sign he actually cared about because it was the only way to get out of his high chair, so he started doing it a few weeks ago--- I was SOO excited!  I had been teaching him "more" for so long and..nothing so finally some success! 

So yesterday we are in Walmart just about to start grocery shopping.  We are well fed and just got done playing at the park---ready for the challenge of grocery shopping- deep breathe.  About 5 mins in, the Little Mover is giving me the sign for "all done" seriously?!  It was just crazy that he could transfer that highchair understanding to wanting out of the cart.  I was amazed!  But then I ignored because I needed to shop- he continued signing "all done" and looking at me super confused.  I was cracking up!  Finally he gave up when I passifed him with a cracker.

Today we went for a walk.  I was going by the park and was planning on stopping when I notice again- he was making the "all done" sign! He was all done walking and wanted to go play!  I love that I understood him, that he is growing.

All "signs" that my baby isn't really a baby anymore.  Life is such a miracle.  Thank you Lord for my little miracle!