Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I have been working forever with the Little Mover on sign language- really just "more" and "all done"-  I really need to start "help" also.  Anyways the "all done" sign he actually cared about because it was the only way to get out of his high chair, so he started doing it a few weeks ago--- I was SOO excited!  I had been teaching him "more" for so long and..nothing so finally some success! 

So yesterday we are in Walmart just about to start grocery shopping.  We are well fed and just got done playing at the park---ready for the challenge of grocery shopping- deep breathe.  About 5 mins in, the Little Mover is giving me the sign for "all done" seriously?!  It was just crazy that he could transfer that highchair understanding to wanting out of the cart.  I was amazed!  But then I ignored because I needed to shop- he continued signing "all done" and looking at me super confused.  I was cracking up!  Finally he gave up when I passifed him with a cracker.

Today we went for a walk.  I was going by the park and was planning on stopping when I notice again- he was making the "all done" sign! He was all done walking and wanted to go play!  I love that I understood him, that he is growing.

All "signs" that my baby isn't really a baby anymore.  Life is such a miracle.  Thank you Lord for my little miracle!

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Erika May said...

i love babies who sign! so cute. walter does hungry...well at least i think the slapping at his stomach is hungry. its the one i do the most so i'm going to say "yes, he signs hungry." working on done and more too.