Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cool Find----Cards

So cards are pretty pricey but I don't usually like them enough to spend the money.  If I had time I would make cards but really I don't have time and am not that creative!
A few months ago my mom, little sis, and I had a girl's shopping day.  We went to this little store in town that I had never been to.  Lots of random little stuff.  I found these cards.  I bought four of them.  I am thinking about framing them I love them so much. 
And the inside is really simple.
 Cute huh?  Here's my other favorite.

And inside

I love the colors and the simple messages.  Oh and they are recycled and printed with soy ink (not sure why the is good but thats what it says on the back.
You can find these at:

Happy Sunday- Oh just to let you know the Cupcake Bites were a huge hit at the party last night.  Whoo hoo.  I think that made my weekend.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cupbake Bites....

I start this by saying- I am a novice when it comes to cooking.  My hubby says that when he met me I lived on bird food.  I don’t know about that but truly I didn’t really cook.  Maybe I should go back to that, I was skinnier thenJ!  Anyways about the last year and a half I have broadened my horizons.  It took me a while in our four years of marriage because my Hubby is an amazing cook- truly- way fancier than me.  So until I stayed home this year I was up to spaghetti, homemade pizza, hamburgers, turkey burgers…ok that is really all but it felt like progress.  Now that I am the primary cooker in this family I have had to step up my game a little.  The Pioneer Women and the Food Network websites have helped me a lot.  We have had some interesting meals and great meals- my Hubby ALWAYS thanks me for them.  He is encouraging like that.  True sometimes he eats multiple bowls of cereal an hour later but another story.  So now I cook!  Not amazingly but I can do it.
One day a while back I was exploring around and discovered  Now Bakerella is friends with the Pioneer Woman and she had a link to a little shindig they did out at PW’s ranch.  They were making Cake Bites.  I was completely turned off until I saw Ree Drummond’s  13 year old daughter making them. UGh a 13 year old can do it??

See I don’t like Bakerella…her site is pink for one (blah) and for two she BAKES!  I really really don’t bake..unless it is baked chicken or something.  Cakes always sink in the middle.  I just stink at it.  But these Cake Bites… they were so cute and simple...well looking at least.  Perfect for a baby or wedding shower.  I don’t have any showers coming up.  I don’t need Cake Bites.  But then I realized I really should make these at least once before I have to bring them into public.  And honestly this is weird but these Cake Bites just wouldn’t go away.  Maybe if I make them I can stop thinking about making them.  I know I am a freak.
The recipe for these is found in two places Bakerella has cute fancy ideas to do with these and The Pioneer Woman has more pictures..and mine will well have pictures…I don’t know how it will turn out…ekk.
What you need:
Box of cake mix
Container of cream cheese frosting (YUM)
Almond bark- white or brown
Colored baking melts
Candy mold

 There you go.  Last night I made the cake...might have over cooked it a little bit but its ok. I don't believe in timers.
Then you put the whole cake in a bowl and crumble it and put a whole tub of cream cheese frosting.  Becaue I am incapable of truly following directions I only put a little over half the frosting in.. I don't know it was getting stick and icky and not looking or feeling like cake anymore.
Then I took this pushy stuff and made it into little balls or "bites".   It wasn't really as easy as it sounds.  It was sticky and I'm not sure it worked like it was supposed to...?
Then I put these in the freezer for just a few minutes to get them a little harder.  While that was happening I melted the almond bark in the microwave.

Then I poured a big spoonful of chocolate almond bark in each mold and took the cake out of the freezer and stuck one on top of each mold and pushed it down.
I learned that my cake balls were too big this first time but this is the gist.
Then microwave the colored melts.

And dunk the bite in the colored chocolate.  This one isn't exactly beautiful..I had to play with it some to get it good...still not great.  But getting there.

They are cute huh??  I am pleased.  Pleased enough that I am bringin them to a Mardi Gras Party tonight.  I ate one and felt like I needed an apple- Holy Cow these are sweet sweet little buggers.
That's all folks
Sorry it has been a while, my wireless won't work...maybe because a certain little Mover decided to play on my computer while I was in the shower....Hubby thought it was a great way to keep him busy.
Hope you make these and get creative and tell me what you think.

Off to Mardi Gras Party for me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I feel like I have been really negative about my son recently in my blog.  I just need to tell you all- I love my son more than life.  Truly- he is beautiful and funny and cheesy.  For only 7 months of knowing him I know him well.

is a social butterfly
loves to explore

is always looking for ways to climb higher

is driven
loves food- all food
never stops moving

loves music and tries to sing along
is independent
likes to scratch- my face or anythign he can find- like a cat!=)
loves to pound on his high chair tray
really really loves the water! baths or the pool!

likes when his daddy plays guiter

notices little details
makes weird noises I cannot duplicate
loves being naked.

Yeah so he is pretty special I think.  So even though he can be easily frustrated and whinny at times- I wouldn't trade him or my life for anything.  And he is waking up:) I miss him just talking about him!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

question for you smart bloggers

Anyone able to explain to me how to make an image below my title smaller??  Sorry I keep changing it and messing with it..just trying to get it how I want it:) the pictures are always huge though becasue I always take them at the highest setting but I don't know how to adjust them....?

Cloth Diapers Part 3 or 3!! FINALLY!

Seriously some follow through sister!  Are you impressed?  I am- I am sooo impressed with my vast ability to complete things=).

Ok so the diaper I use most and have come to love's best friend...

BumGenius 3.0 All in One ( no I am not getting paid but if they want to donate to my stash of diapers I will let them)

Welcome lime green BumGenius 3.0!  This is the outer part.
This is the inner part- or insert.  If you notice these are snaps so you can fold and snap it to have double layer where your baby needs it.  The little Mover is a pee-er so I snap the small snap and put that in front.
This do not just sit in the diaper like the Flips do- they actually stuff in.  They call it a pocket.  There are lots of kinds of pocket diapers- this is just the brand I picked and have liked.  You can not reuse the outer shell part on these without washing because it has the pocket (sorry I forgot a picture of that).

These diapers also have what "professionals" call Hook and Loop fasteners- you know what I call them?  Really strong velcro.

This diapers are a little more bulking than the Flips and a little less user friendly maybe but I don't put my son to bed in anything but a BumGenuis 3.0- they are so dang absorbent!  It is the only one I trust wont leak at night.

This diaper is also an All-In-One, so hopefully they will fit him till he is potty trained and then we can also use them on future babies!  Sweet deal huh?

The only real negative of this diaper is the velcro.  When I got these the directions said you could dry them on low- well you can't-  it makes the tabs not stick as well and makes everything else, fuzz, fur, string, etc, stick to them.  So a lesson I learned never dryer dry the outer piece.
This diaper is about $18.00.  I would say you need about 20 to be totally set.  I have 12 and have made it 7 months but now I want to wash diapers a little less diligently so I want more:).

These are not the end all of diapers but they have been my friend.  I look forward to hearing though about what you use and like!

So I took these right before bedtime...can you tell he looks soooo tired!
Good night and good riddance I am done diaper talking for a while.


No - not literally- but thanks for the reminder- finish diaper post=).

I think I  have literally 3 mins to post but I didn't want to leave anyone hanging...
No I didn't go swimming.  Yes my son was up a million times for no apparent reason. No I wasn't to bitter because we laid in bed this morning after he ate and he slept for another hour and a half which I needed and I guess he d id too.  Sleep is good.  I guess I just need to take a deep breath and accept today as it is, yet still strive to be better. 

We are going soon to an award ceremony for a teacher my hubby works with...there will be appetizers (aka dinner) so I don't need to cook- good thing because I didn't grocery shop either- mostly because I like to do the budget and envelopes and all that biz first and my hubby has to put the money in the bank first.  Which he just did so tomorrow I will pay bills and such.

Are you asking yourself- what did she do all day then?? Well beside the normal feeding and taking care of my boy...who has been whining more than usual today, I tried to track down people I don't know, with 10 year old phone numbers- to get current info for our 10 year reunion planning.  It was awkward (like that looks spelled wrong always).  I found quite a few on Facebook and I even check MySpace which I pretty much forgot existed.  I still have  probably 15 that I haven't contacted.  Also I graded my hubby's DRAs- basically a reading comprehension test..we did it in Anchorage so it was no biggie.  He is just busy so I was glad to help some way. 

That is it- that is the day so far at least.  It is only 4:30pm. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Slacker/ Sleeper

No- not you...well maybe you but I am talking about me.  I am kind of feeling sorry for myself today.  In part because my son woke up about ever 3 hours last night.  He went back to sleep fast but I don't think either of us finished one sleep cycle all night ("either one" referring to the Little Mover and I- not my hubby, though he didn't get a lot either).

Did I tell you I got a pass to the aquatic center?  Well I did and it wasn't cheap- well by my standards anyway.  I thought about it and pondered and ACTED- which I don't do much when it comes to money- but I need to workout and I thought I could go in the morning around 6am before the hubby leaves for work at 7am.  I haven't gone yet...I have had 3 true opportune days and ummm... nope haven't gone.  I blame it on my sleep deprivation keeping me from getting out of bed before I have to but it is probably more related to the fact that I love sleep.  All in all my lack of motivation ticks me off in the morning and makes me mad at myself-- I just wish I could really focus on that at 6am to get my dang butt out of bed.  Discipline has never been my strong suit.  I really want to be the person who gets up and runs three miles, but honestly I hate running.

I am also kind of feeling sorry for myself because I need more cell phone minutes in a month and it is cutting into my already limited social interactions in a day. 

And I have to meal plan and pay bills and grocery shop tomorrow - which really isn't bad I just threw it in for fun.

And I still haven't finish dang diaper post ( I don't follow through well either I guess=)

And I need to get up and swim...did I already say that? Yeah I did.  Ok that is my real issue I think-  I just need to verbalize.  Oh and get up in the morning.
Do it Grace!!!!
Ok I will let you know friends.....

Friday, February 19, 2010


Soooo don't worry I will finish Cloth Diapering 101-  I would love to give you awesome reasons why it isn't happening right now but really I just haven't taken pictures of the last ones yet and my little model is sleeping at the moment.  There you have it, that is why we are taking a sabbatical from diapers.
A while back I did a post about goals for this year...not really resolutions just things I wanted to do this summer.  Well it is only February- not even summer yet and today I did on of my "things"!  Whooo hoo.

I made cloth wipes!  I know sorry I went from diapers to wipes!  All I think about is poop and butts- I will get over this. Someday.  So I went to my mom's house to sew them.
This is my mom...everybody say Hi!  She is wonderful- I don't know what I would do without her.

I can't sew- truly- I am horrible- my mom had to come and fix my messes more times than I can count.  Also I was distracted by drama.  I haven't had a lot of drama in my life since high school- I decided today that I don't miss it.  I like when people ask for my opinion but I don't like getting drawn into things.  I learned today that when you are home all day and available you are more likely to get draw into things you really don't have any part of.  Just so you all know I have my fill of drama for another 10 years.  Out of my system:).

I got an Aquatic Center pass to go swimming in the mornings.  I haven't gone yet.  I just love sleep.  How do I overcome this?? I know, just do it Grace and you will get used to it- you will get more disciplined.  I don't think that pep talk worked really, but I will keep trying.

Well this was random but it is Friday and I am feeling random so deal- and maybe a little fiesty too.

Good Night and happy weekend! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering Part 2 of 3

Well I was gonna get down to business and show you the last 2 that I have used but my hubby had basketball tonight and my son and I are the cheering sections so now it is late- well for me at least. So this will just be about
Dun dun dun,,,,
The Flip System
WHoo hoo are you excited!?  You should be because they are new and cool and fancy! No they are not the diaper I normally use but I think I would use them- I will get to that.

I had the opportunity to try these bad boys recently because my friend Heidi has decided to do cloth diapers and she picked this type and wanted to see how they worked so she could take them back if I didn't like them.  Wow I feel like an important diaper reviewer;).  These are a One size diaper just put out by BumGenius.
 You ask-"Huh one size how does that work??"  Well let me show you.
They have two rows of snaps on top for fastening but then, look close, there is a fold with more snaps (if I had thought ahead I would have zoomed into this) there are 3 rows of snaps folded in there to make the diaper bigger or smaller.  They are supposed to fit till they are ready to potty train- that is true of all One- Size Diapers ( I hear rumor that they don't always fit that long but I have not experienced that yet).
Ok so that is the "One Size"- make sense- good.

They also have two peices, like the prefold but require no pinning or Snappi-ing.  The insert (or cloth part) just sits inside like this.

See it has these neat little pockets it sits in.  I had many concerns about these pricey guys and thought my friend Heidi was very brave, but after trying them- They Work!  The insert stays in and my boy never leaked.  The cool thing about these is that you can use the cover over and over (unless a poop happens) ok maybe not for days on end but for a few changings each- which makes washing and the amount of diapers you need less.  Does that make sense? I also like these because they are slimming- well for a cloth diaper.  Sometimes in other cloth diapers my son looks like he has an old granny big butt (no offense to the grannys).  They are also really easy to wash, but washing is a whole other conversation I am not ready for tonight.
I really don't know how many of these you would need- Home girl Heidi got 40 inserts and maybe 10 covers ( I am guessing on that cuz I can't remember if she told me).  She will definitely have more than enough.

So break down:
You would need
1. Covers/Liners
2. Inserts (the cloth part)
3.  Maybe some smaller inserts for doubling (appropriately called "doublers") for night time

easy, absorbant, don't leak, one size only- no guessing how many of each size you will need, and that's all I can think of.
Negatives:They don't have fancy designs if you are into that, they are snap and sometimes the snaps are a little tougher on quick changing (which is appreciated when you have a baby you call, "Little Mover"), and price.  If you are on a tight budget these are tough,  They are about $50 for a set of two covers with 6 liners. I would thing you would need at least 3 of these $50 sets to be good to go.

Thanks for coming- Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving On---Diapers!

Well yesterday's problem is not resolved and my son whined on and off for a few hours (but felt like all day) and slept very little-sigh-  I am done talking about it, for now at least:).

So I watch the Bachelor- I hate it- but I watch it.  I really like Jake but I seriously don't like any of the girls- I am done with that business I don't think I can watch it anymore, I get so annoyed at these girls and the silly things they say!

So the real reason for my post- DIAPERS!!  I am motivated because I am thinking about diapers a lot lately- mostly because I need more.  People say your baby will use the most amount of diapers a day as a newborn- I am not feeling that right now. 

 Cloth Diapers 101

There are tons of ways to cloth diaper and a lot of it depends on your budget as well as the time and energy you want to put forth.  I'm gonna give you a quick run down because I was totally overwhelmed with this when I started.

 Note:  As for price- you could spend a million dollars on any method of cloth diapering.  It is kind of "cool" right now to cloth diaper in some circles so you can get really fancy or stay kind of simple.

1.  Prefolds- These are the "old fashion" diapers that people used to (and some still do) pin.  They require a cover for waterproofing.  They have all kinds of prefolds and covers.  Also the sweet part is you don't have to use pins anymore- ahhhhh- isn't that cool?? I was so afraid of pins but then my good buddy Amy told me about Snappies- they are the bomb.  Ok for some visuals.
So this is the prefold- you can get fancy chinese cloth (which I hear absorb better) but I don't use these enough to spend a lot.  Also you do have to change them more often.  Now you can't see it really good on him- instead of pins are snappies.

They are about $5 for two of them. You can see how they work a little more at
Now for the covers. There are millions over covers and companies and prices.  That is one of the benefits of prefolds is that you can get way cutie covers.  I only have a few and they are Bummis and they were about $12 a peice, but I am sure that all brands have great quality also.

This is my Bummis diaper cover- I love it.  These do have a small, medium, large kind of thing- this is a medium and by 7 month old is pretty close to retiring this lovely cover. 
I got my prefold inside parts (the actually cloth diaper part) for $15 dollars for a huge box used (someone had used them as burp rags) and then I bought 2 covers. And a few Snappies  Total: about $40- now if I used these all of the time I would need more covers...I'd say 10 covers at each size, which does add a bit more cost, but still all around not bad.

What you need for prefolds:
1. Prefold cloth diapers
2. Snappis or diaper pins (I prefer Snappis- pins scare me)
3.  Covers in all sizes

The only draw backs for me is that they need to be changed more and they sometime leak more on the waistline.  Other than that cheap, easy, cute :)

Well I would LOOOVE to go on to tell you about the 2 other kinds I have used, but I really think I should go to bed.  Stay tuned next time for....AIOs and the new Flip system.  Whooo hoo..  Ok maybe I shouldn't be soo excited about diapers but I do love saving money and I promise you do save money.

Well goodnight all and thanks for reading.

Monday, February 15, 2010

-----Deep Sigh-----

My son has always been a great night sleeper- no big deal.  True he doesn't sleep during the day well at all and is a light sleeper, but I could always count on my nights.  Since around Christmas he has fallen off the wagon.  I think he is driving me insane!  He wakes up 2 or 3 times a night!  He will fall asleep if I pick him up but wakes up and cries everytime I set him down!  I don't know what the deal is.  I have read a million posts and websites blah blah blah- they all say something different.  It is tough- I hate that I can't talk to him.  He also has gotten really whinny-  I feel like I am living with a drama queen and he is only 7 month old!  I think I need to start looking for a philosophy for discipline- I know it sounds early but I really think it would help me.

So these are my issues this fine frigid Monday morning.  Any great advice??

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Not a lot to say- Hubby is sleeping on the floor- the Little Mover is sound asleep (for now at least) and I am just surfing the web.  I was inspired by PW to do a little list of loves- this is definitely not exhaustive but I feel like a list...lists are kind of easy and I am kind of tired. Hubby fell asleep on my side of the bed last night and I didn't have the heart to move him...I don't like change- couldn't sleep on the other side- ugh- ok- list, list, list- I'm focused.


drinking cold water out of a straw

sleeping in

quiet house

laughing with friends


"Little Women" the movie- the newer one


Johnny Jump Ups


ice skating

apple crisp




my little boy

his laugh

his poop eating grin



folk music

Girdwood, AK

a clean kitchen

my pillow

my side of the bed

days with nothing I have to do

getting a lot done

my boy's swaddle blanket

my Hubby's goofy dance moves


going new places

staying home

I am stopping...

Number 1- I guess I am tired=)- Number 2- I think I really miss summer and sun etc.:)

Happy Early Vday

PS- what do you love??

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nursery Decor

I used a lot of blogger ideas for my little man's room.  I didn't find out the gender so I had to be neutral .  I (I use the term "I" loosely) painted the room twice.  I knew I wanted to use some ideas from a few old children's poetry books that my grandma used to read to me.  I have looked for something to add to this.

Well my Mover is 7 months but I finally found something for my bare wall that is PERFECT!

I love this little boy TOO CUTE!
These are just a few of my favorites.  They are actually small 4 page cardboard books with pictures related to the letter.  They are precious and I got them at Costco in Spokane over Christmas for $15.00 (I think- less that $20 I know) They come with the whole alphabet- I just put up my son's name but I think you could do the whole thing really cute. As you can tell my wall is light blue so they don't stand out as much as they would on a contrasting wall but I was still happy with them.

I looked all over and nope these little guys aren't on there! ;( So if you like them you are gonna have to go find yourself a Costco- I sadly don't have one in town.  I am a little bitter about that really. 

There are few other favorites around this little room but I will save them for next time.  Good night and enjoy the Olympics!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 years....

I am listening to Pandora. it is the bomb- right now I am listening to songs that remind me of high school- woot woot class of 2000!  Ok that makes me sound like I have a lot more school spirit than I do.  Speaking of high school though I am on the planning committee for our 10 year class reunion. (AHH are we that old??) 
I find this funny- I really wasn't an involved student or anything so I don't know why I was asked but I thought it could be fun.  So we met last night at this little coffee shop, the  "Metro".  Pretty much everyone there was on student council and played multiple sports and was probably just "cooler" than me.  Not really sure what that means now but it was more clearly defined in high school.  So with this little event brought some thoughts.

1.  I am happy with my life.  It isn't half as dramatic or exciting as it was in high school, but I am really glad.

2.  I wish I had been more involved in high school.  I want my babies to be involved.  I was really involved with Youth Group and I loved it- it was great for me but I wish I had been more brave and played tennis or done ski team- just tried.  I spent a lot of high school..maybe a self fulfilled prophecy- I didn't do things I wasn't comfortable with for fear of failure, then I mourned the loss of opportunity later. Suck I really don't like this tendency within me-- rrrr...

3.  I was the only one there with a child.  Most of them were married but no kids.  We were talking about how people complain because there is nothing at these functions for kids- it always is just a lot of drinking.  Someone said, "Kids?  Who has kids??"  ah hem...that would be me-- the one with the squirmy little boy in her arms!  It was weird.  I felt a little like I was behind other people my age.  Like most have a few kids and are just more established.  I guess not.  So I started looking through my Facebook friends from high school.  As my Hubby said, "Wow you must just come from a class of playas!" Too True husband!

4.  I have regrets from high school but I also have a lot of great memories and had a lot of fun.  I am thankful for the people God brought into my life.


Well it was educational and enlightening and I am helping with the Saturday picnic in the park.  Just to let you all know.

Ending this post with a little Smashmouth and Goo Goo Dolls in my head...oh and Green Day

Peace Out

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Growing Family

So helllooo!  Since I talked to you all my sister- my older sis- and one of my dearest friends in the world- had baby number 4!!!  It's a BOY!! whoo hoo!  She has 2 boys already and a little girl.  They are all perfectly precious.  Baby Boy still has no name..they are pretty good at taking a long time to name their babies.
Before my son was born- pretty much the whole 9 months we called him Tater (we didn't know it was a him).  People actually asked us if that was his real name!?  It was funny, but really I had a hard time stopping the Tater name- I was pretty used to it.  He was kicker- HARD- so I scolded him a lot in utero, "Tater! knock it off! That hurts!"
I must say though I was glad it was her in the hospital and not me=).  I kind of missed being pregnant right after I had Elias.  I don't think by your 4th in 5 years you would so much.  I just saw them briefly but she say, "I am so glad I am not pregnant anymore!"  Funny huh?  I don't think I though of that a half hour after the little mover was born.  But I think she is just a pro.  She could have babies in her sleep:).
I love you Lianne and Baby Boy!  Praying for you to be healthy and grow in love and a knowledge of God.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Snapshots" that Inspire Me

Sometimes I feel like I am inspired by a bunch of snapshots of songs, quotes, and pictures.  Usually things I have encountered recently that make me think.   The other day I was reading a blog on my list  called "Quiet Life”.  This fine lady contributes on the photography section of  I really haven’t read the blog a lot but she had a quote the other day:

 I've got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. ~Larry Bird
Or this song:
Kris Allen "Live like Were Dying"
This verse
"He has made everything beautiful in His time. He has set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

All of these "snapshots" may speak differently to you than to me, but basically I am inspired to love, to grow, to BE 100% .  I sometimes tend to be an 80% kind of person- I don't like this but I live like a part of me thinks I will always have another chance, like life will bring more things my way, like I can afford to procrastinate on living.  Whether that is just loving my family, listening to a friend, or getting good at things I want to.  I want to live fully and simply- real and transparent before God and men.  I may not always understand this life but I don't want to regret- I don't want to hold back for some unknown 'thing' or hold back for fears- whatever they are.
I am thankful to God for giving me these 'snapshots' when I am not even looking- being faithful to inspire me when I don't even know I need inspiring or am to distracted to realize it.
Peace and Blessing,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time Flies......

So Tomorrow-- February 5th is my little movers 7 month birthday!!  I don't know why I am thinking about it more this month than most...tonight my hubby said, "It's weird that he will be a year old in 5 months"- crazy.  So I would like to show you two pictures that are unintentionally similiar-- one from about a week after he was born and one just a few weeks ago.

Little Mover Boy

Big Mover Boy (who has earn the name "Mover":)
Yes, I know he has the gawking look..but it was funny- middle of the night and he was just wide awake.  
Did I mention my son is not crazy about sleeping really?  I hear his daddy was the same way- sigh- darn guy!
He is like a different child-- it is amazing what 7 months will do.  My life has changed a million times in these 7 months.  All in all I love this boy more than life and am sooo glad God gave him to us!  Happy Birthday Son!


Looking at this picture...does something stand out to you??  I mean besides that he is gawking at the camera (which is his standard "camera face").  His hands!  Seriously sometimes I look at them and wonder if babies can get stretch marks...I don't think his skin can handle anymore fat!  I wonder if he feels like I did when I was pregnant and all puffy?!  Hmmm ....
Today I found a hundred dollar bill in a book we got for our wedding 4 YEARS ago! Well I guess we never got around to reading that. Oops:)  I feel like I have to now though.
I finished my taxes and am thinking about trying to make hummus..but really I just have some cooked beasn on the counter and a crying baby who wants springing from jail...ok his crib.  So I guess I will chalk it up to a 50/50 day..oh and I talked to Verizon forever... I think cell phone companies and insurance companies are linked to the mafia- just a little side note in case you wanted to know.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Knives, Knives, and I sound creepy or what??

Truly though I don't think I have ever had a knife that was sharp or didn't bend.  I didn't really realize the problem with this until Christmas.  I didn't really know what to ask for- except cloth diapers, which no one really wants to buy you for Christmas, so I asked for knives.  I have been cooking more and actually enjoying it (crazy!) and so I thought, "What the heck!"
My world will never be the same!!  I think I could be a prep chef (I think that is what they are called).  Sometimes I use three or four just cutting stuff for one meal just, to see which is better.  I realize that knives are don't know the analogy is alluding me- anyways- they are just good for differant things- differant knives, differant things.
This is my favorite right now- maybe because it is orange- I LOVE orange.  I don't know why- just do. Also it is small and just handy.
It isn't the best picture..couldn't get the light right but it is a Fresh Prep stainless steel knife.  My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas.  I just looked it up and I am pretty sure she got in on HSN.   They have blue and red and's like a rainbow of pretty knives.  I like it.

Well I know this was very deep and will all be pondering this for days- I know it is overwhelming.  Well I don't want to give you to much to cut into (dang I am funny) I will leave you for tonight.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feeling Human

I feel human for the first time in about a week.  Last night I was completely overwhelmed by life and things I need to get done and my lack of energy.  Surprisingly today - Monday even- I feel great!  I must say it may have A LOT to do with the fact my son took a 2 hour nap this morning!! Holy Moly I think that is a first!  I felt like a different person with a little bit of quiet time.  It was beautiful- truly.  He is sleeping again.  I am trying to grow and change with my boy.  I wish he could tell me what he needs but he can't.  So I think I have figured out that he needs only two naps a day- but good naps- none of these wussy 20 min deals.  I haven't figured out how to ensure that morning nap is longer but at least I thinking I get the concept (thank you again Babywise for creating sanity) You and me are friends, good friends.  I don't always agree with you, but you create consistency for a girl who.. well... lacks that naturally.
So today I made chicken baby food.  I made the chicken days ago but have been making excuses.  I have done this pretty much because the idea of pureed meat is nasty to me.  Well I survived and it wasn't even that gross..kind of looks like tuna.  I need to make some yams and peaches too, but I think that will be tomorrow.
Thank you Lord for sleeping babies and letting me feel human today.