Monday, February 22, 2010

Slacker/ Sleeper

No- not you...well maybe you but I am talking about me.  I am kind of feeling sorry for myself today.  In part because my son woke up about ever 3 hours last night.  He went back to sleep fast but I don't think either of us finished one sleep cycle all night ("either one" referring to the Little Mover and I- not my hubby, though he didn't get a lot either).

Did I tell you I got a pass to the aquatic center?  Well I did and it wasn't cheap- well by my standards anyway.  I thought about it and pondered and ACTED- which I don't do much when it comes to money- but I need to workout and I thought I could go in the morning around 6am before the hubby leaves for work at 7am.  I haven't gone yet...I have had 3 true opportune days and ummm... nope haven't gone.  I blame it on my sleep deprivation keeping me from getting out of bed before I have to but it is probably more related to the fact that I love sleep.  All in all my lack of motivation ticks me off in the morning and makes me mad at myself-- I just wish I could really focus on that at 6am to get my dang butt out of bed.  Discipline has never been my strong suit.  I really want to be the person who gets up and runs three miles, but honestly I hate running.

I am also kind of feeling sorry for myself because I need more cell phone minutes in a month and it is cutting into my already limited social interactions in a day. 

And I have to meal plan and pay bills and grocery shop tomorrow - which really isn't bad I just threw it in for fun.

And I still haven't finish dang diaper post ( I don't follow through well either I guess=)

And I need to get up and swim...did I already say that? Yeah I did.  Ok that is my real issue I think-  I just need to verbalize.  Oh and get up in the morning.
Do it Grace!!!!
Ok I will let you know friends.....

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