Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cupbake Bites....

I start this by saying- I am a novice when it comes to cooking.  My hubby says that when he met me I lived on bird food.  I don’t know about that but truly I didn’t really cook.  Maybe I should go back to that, I was skinnier thenJ!  Anyways about the last year and a half I have broadened my horizons.  It took me a while in our four years of marriage because my Hubby is an amazing cook- truly- way fancier than me.  So until I stayed home this year I was up to spaghetti, homemade pizza, hamburgers, turkey burgers…ok that is really all but it felt like progress.  Now that I am the primary cooker in this family I have had to step up my game a little.  The Pioneer Women and the Food Network websites have helped me a lot.  We have had some interesting meals and great meals- my Hubby ALWAYS thanks me for them.  He is encouraging like that.  True sometimes he eats multiple bowls of cereal an hour later but another story.  So now I cook!  Not amazingly but I can do it.
One day a while back I was exploring around and discovered  Now Bakerella is friends with the Pioneer Woman and she had a link to a little shindig they did out at PW’s ranch.  They were making Cake Bites.  I was completely turned off until I saw Ree Drummond’s  13 year old daughter making them. UGh a 13 year old can do it??

See I don’t like Bakerella…her site is pink for one (blah) and for two she BAKES!  I really really don’t bake..unless it is baked chicken or something.  Cakes always sink in the middle.  I just stink at it.  But these Cake Bites… they were so cute and simple...well looking at least.  Perfect for a baby or wedding shower.  I don’t have any showers coming up.  I don’t need Cake Bites.  But then I realized I really should make these at least once before I have to bring them into public.  And honestly this is weird but these Cake Bites just wouldn’t go away.  Maybe if I make them I can stop thinking about making them.  I know I am a freak.
The recipe for these is found in two places Bakerella has cute fancy ideas to do with these and The Pioneer Woman has more pictures..and mine will well have pictures…I don’t know how it will turn out…ekk.
What you need:
Box of cake mix
Container of cream cheese frosting (YUM)
Almond bark- white or brown
Colored baking melts
Candy mold

 There you go.  Last night I made the cake...might have over cooked it a little bit but its ok. I don't believe in timers.
Then you put the whole cake in a bowl and crumble it and put a whole tub of cream cheese frosting.  Becaue I am incapable of truly following directions I only put a little over half the frosting in.. I don't know it was getting stick and icky and not looking or feeling like cake anymore.
Then I took this pushy stuff and made it into little balls or "bites".   It wasn't really as easy as it sounds.  It was sticky and I'm not sure it worked like it was supposed to...?
Then I put these in the freezer for just a few minutes to get them a little harder.  While that was happening I melted the almond bark in the microwave.

Then I poured a big spoonful of chocolate almond bark in each mold and took the cake out of the freezer and stuck one on top of each mold and pushed it down.
I learned that my cake balls were too big this first time but this is the gist.
Then microwave the colored melts.

And dunk the bite in the colored chocolate.  This one isn't exactly beautiful..I had to play with it some to get it good...still not great.  But getting there.

They are cute huh??  I am pleased.  Pleased enough that I am bringin them to a Mardi Gras Party tonight.  I ate one and felt like I needed an apple- Holy Cow these are sweet sweet little buggers.
That's all folks
Sorry it has been a while, my wireless won't work...maybe because a certain little Mover decided to play on my computer while I was in the shower....Hubby thought it was a great way to keep him busy.
Hope you make these and get creative and tell me what you think.

Off to Mardi Gras Party for me.


Erika May said...

ooo! those look delicious!

ProudMom said...

I'm very impressed! I'd like to taste them in all their yummy sweetness... Good job!