Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering Part 2 of 3

Well I was gonna get down to business and show you the last 2 that I have used but my hubby had basketball tonight and my son and I are the cheering sections so now it is late- well for me at least. So this will just be about
Dun dun dun,,,,
The Flip System
WHoo hoo are you excited!?  You should be because they are new and cool and fancy! No they are not the diaper I normally use but I think I would use them- I will get to that.

I had the opportunity to try these bad boys recently because my friend Heidi has decided to do cloth diapers and she picked this type and wanted to see how they worked so she could take them back if I didn't like them.  Wow I feel like an important diaper reviewer;).  These are a One size diaper just put out by BumGenius.
 You ask-"Huh one size how does that work??"  Well let me show you.
They have two rows of snaps on top for fastening but then, look close, there is a fold with more snaps (if I had thought ahead I would have zoomed into this) there are 3 rows of snaps folded in there to make the diaper bigger or smaller.  They are supposed to fit till they are ready to potty train- that is true of all One- Size Diapers ( I hear rumor that they don't always fit that long but I have not experienced that yet).
Ok so that is the "One Size"- make sense- good.

They also have two peices, like the prefold but require no pinning or Snappi-ing.  The insert (or cloth part) just sits inside like this.

See it has these neat little pockets it sits in.  I had many concerns about these pricey guys and thought my friend Heidi was very brave, but after trying them- They Work!  The insert stays in and my boy never leaked.  The cool thing about these is that you can use the cover over and over (unless a poop happens) ok maybe not for days on end but for a few changings each- which makes washing and the amount of diapers you need less.  Does that make sense? I also like these because they are slimming- well for a cloth diaper.  Sometimes in other cloth diapers my son looks like he has an old granny big butt (no offense to the grannys).  They are also really easy to wash, but washing is a whole other conversation I am not ready for tonight.
I really don't know how many of these you would need- Home girl Heidi got 40 inserts and maybe 10 covers ( I am guessing on that cuz I can't remember if she told me).  She will definitely have more than enough.

So break down:
You would need
1. Covers/Liners
2. Inserts (the cloth part)
3.  Maybe some smaller inserts for doubling (appropriately called "doublers") for night time

easy, absorbant, don't leak, one size only- no guessing how many of each size you will need, and that's all I can think of.
Negatives:They don't have fancy designs if you are into that, they are snap and sometimes the snaps are a little tougher on quick changing (which is appreciated when you have a baby you call, "Little Mover"), and price.  If you are on a tight budget these are tough,  They are about $50 for a set of two covers with 6 liners. I would thing you would need at least 3 of these $50 sets to be good to go.

Thanks for coming- Happy Wednesday!

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