Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Knives, Knives, and I sound creepy or what??

Truly though I don't think I have ever had a knife that was sharp or didn't bend.  I didn't really realize the problem with this until Christmas.  I didn't really know what to ask for- except cloth diapers, which no one really wants to buy you for Christmas, so I asked for knives.  I have been cooking more and actually enjoying it (crazy!) and so I thought, "What the heck!"
My world will never be the same!!  I think I could be a prep chef (I think that is what they are called).  Sometimes I use three or four just cutting stuff for one meal just, to see which is better.  I realize that knives are don't know the analogy is alluding me- anyways- they are just good for differant things- differant knives, differant things.
This is my favorite right now- maybe because it is orange- I LOVE orange.  I don't know why- just do. Also it is small and just handy.
It isn't the best picture..couldn't get the light right but it is a Fresh Prep stainless steel knife.  My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas.  I just looked it up and I am pretty sure she got in on HSN.   They have blue and red and's like a rainbow of pretty knives.  I like it.

Well I know this was very deep and will all be pondering this for days- I know it is overwhelming.  Well I don't want to give you to much to cut into (dang I am funny) I will leave you for tonight.


ProudMom said...

I like your new layout...and I'm a little jealous of your orange knife. :) How did your Cajun pasta turn out tonight?...

ProudMom said...

One more thing: I'm jealous of the canteloupe...I want

grace said...

Cajun pasta was pretty good- Matt and Caleb liked it. I did go get the whipping cream and wine but I should have got the seasoning because my "do it myself" was a little bland. I tend to go bland then regret it later. I want the recipe for Morgan's curry rice stuff. It was spicy and good!