Friday, February 19, 2010


Soooo don't worry I will finish Cloth Diapering 101-  I would love to give you awesome reasons why it isn't happening right now but really I just haven't taken pictures of the last ones yet and my little model is sleeping at the moment.  There you have it, that is why we are taking a sabbatical from diapers.
A while back I did a post about goals for this year...not really resolutions just things I wanted to do this summer.  Well it is only February- not even summer yet and today I did on of my "things"!  Whooo hoo.

I made cloth wipes!  I know sorry I went from diapers to wipes!  All I think about is poop and butts- I will get over this. Someday.  So I went to my mom's house to sew them.
This is my mom...everybody say Hi!  She is wonderful- I don't know what I would do without her.

I can't sew- truly- I am horrible- my mom had to come and fix my messes more times than I can count.  Also I was distracted by drama.  I haven't had a lot of drama in my life since high school- I decided today that I don't miss it.  I like when people ask for my opinion but I don't like getting drawn into things.  I learned today that when you are home all day and available you are more likely to get draw into things you really don't have any part of.  Just so you all know I have my fill of drama for another 10 years.  Out of my system:).

I got an Aquatic Center pass to go swimming in the mornings.  I haven't gone yet.  I just love sleep.  How do I overcome this?? I know, just do it Grace and you will get used to it- you will get more disciplined.  I don't think that pep talk worked really, but I will keep trying.

Well this was random but it is Friday and I am feeling random so deal- and maybe a little fiesty too.

Good Night and happy weekend! 


ProudMom said...

Cool picture-changing-in-the-header trick. :) I love drama.... :)

grace said...

I am just trying to make it fit and look right...not working extremely well-- my pictures are too big...I feel computer illiterate.