Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving On---Diapers!

Well yesterday's problem is not resolved and my son whined on and off for a few hours (but felt like all day) and slept very little-sigh-  I am done talking about it, for now at least:).

So I watch the Bachelor- I hate it- but I watch it.  I really like Jake but I seriously don't like any of the girls- I am done with that business I don't think I can watch it anymore, I get so annoyed at these girls and the silly things they say!

So the real reason for my post- DIAPERS!!  I am motivated because I am thinking about diapers a lot lately- mostly because I need more.  People say your baby will use the most amount of diapers a day as a newborn- I am not feeling that right now. 

 Cloth Diapers 101

There are tons of ways to cloth diaper and a lot of it depends on your budget as well as the time and energy you want to put forth.  I'm gonna give you a quick run down because I was totally overwhelmed with this when I started.

 Note:  As for price- you could spend a million dollars on any method of cloth diapering.  It is kind of "cool" right now to cloth diaper in some circles so you can get really fancy or stay kind of simple.

1.  Prefolds- These are the "old fashion" diapers that people used to (and some still do) pin.  They require a cover for waterproofing.  They have all kinds of prefolds and covers.  Also the sweet part is you don't have to use pins anymore- ahhhhh- isn't that cool?? I was so afraid of pins but then my good buddy Amy told me about Snappies- they are the bomb.  Ok for some visuals.
So this is the prefold- you can get fancy chinese cloth (which I hear absorb better) but I don't use these enough to spend a lot.  Also you do have to change them more often.  Now you can't see it really good on him- instead of pins are snappies.

They are about $5 for two of them. You can see how they work a little more at http://www.snappibaby.com/products/snappidiaperfastener.html
Now for the covers. There are millions over covers and companies and prices.  That is one of the benefits of prefolds is that you can get way cutie covers.  I only have a few and they are Bummis and they were about $12 a peice, but I am sure that all brands have great quality also.

This is my Bummis diaper cover- I love it.  These do have a small, medium, large kind of thing- this is a medium and by 7 month old is pretty close to retiring this lovely cover. 
I got my prefold inside parts (the actually cloth diaper part) for $15 dollars for a huge box used (someone had used them as burp rags) and then I bought 2 covers. And a few Snappies  Total: about $40- now if I used these all of the time I would need more covers...I'd say 10 covers at each size, which does add a bit more cost, but still all around not bad.

What you need for prefolds:
1. Prefold cloth diapers
2. Snappis or diaper pins (I prefer Snappis- pins scare me)
3.  Covers in all sizes

The only draw backs for me is that they need to be changed more and they sometime leak more on the waistline.  Other than that cheap, easy, cute :)

Well I would LOOOVE to go on to tell you about the 2 other kinds I have used, but I really think I should go to bed.  Stay tuned next time for....AIOs and the new Flip system.  Whooo hoo..  Ok maybe I shouldn't be soo excited about diapers but I do love saving money and I promise you do save money.

Well goodnight all and thanks for reading.


ProudMom said...

You're cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Used cloth diapers? Really? That is frugal. We may have some use napkins, slightly used if you are interested... :) Also, you get the award for longest-blog-name-I-have-seen.

Erika May said...

i just ordered the final supplies for my cloth diapering adventure. i'm pretty hopeful that everthing will turn out okay. have you tried g-diapers? i bought some just to try. i think they are pretty similar to flips. also, a couple of sites you might like: nickisdiapers.com (this is where i ordered all my supplies, they have a 15 day trial thing. if you don't like what you've ordered, you just send it back) and passionatehomemaking.com...if you're interested. bye!

mountainagorablogspot.com said...

Wow...great blog site and posts Gracie! I never knew cloth diapers were such a topic of conversation.
In fact, you've inspired me so much that I'm thinking, "Why not extend it?" I'm thinking of starting a blog about my own underwear...complete with pictures and description...stay tuned for
"A day in the life of my Speedo"

grace said...

Erika- no I haven't tried gDiapers. I haven't really even read a whole lot about them- Let me know what you think.
I have looked at nickisdiapers.com- I bought off of cottonbabies.com
They seem to have similar good pricing=).
I will look at the other site. Thanks!