Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what's up

Isn't he dang cute?  I know if you look close you can see that he has some pb&j all over his face from lunch but seriously- so cute. Note the 2 little top teeth thinking about coming it up there?  Yeah kind of weird- I think he looks weird with teeth but I will get used to it...guess we wouldn't want him to be toothless forever right?=)
 Not sure really...one of those- take your own picture kind of deals..thought it wouldn't turn out so went crazy..I love that he is so intent on the camera that he doesn't even notice mom being a freak!  Cracks me up.

So...in spite of his endless cuteness,  I fear God is using my son to remind me that we all have a sin nature.  It has been a trying week or so with this child.  As a teacher I always hated when parents would excuse their child's bad behavior as, "oh I was like that too"  SO I definitely am not excusing his behavior, though I often see his father's impatience and my independance in him.

Basically lots of throwing himself on the floor and flailing and screaming- serious drama here- he isn't even 18 months!  Like the other morning I was putting the top on his sippy of milk and it was taking too terribly long, I guess and he was bawling and flopping on the floor.  We are working on signing to help with the whole communication biz, but I have to remind him always- It is kind of funny though-  Sometimes I will just look at his name and say "Elias" In my best, slow teacher voice and he will calm down a little and sign "help" or "more".  So dang smart.

He freaks out if I take something out of his hands-  I have to say- "Can Mommy see?" oh sure no biggy- but if I don't ask- if I demand- big, fat fight.  So frustrating.

So basically I have been just trying to lovingly call my son to obedience, which is really hard at his age because he can't communicate super great.And oh maybe hard cause I am not so sure what the heck I am doing!

He has been stealing the spanking spoon(s) and hiding them in Matt's drum..really?  God help me!   Yes that is my genuine prayer recently.

But in the end he is my baby and I love him dearly.  I just think he needs a little brother or sister to remind him that the world doesn't revolve around him- but that one is not up to me- gotta leave that one in God's hands. 

on a differant note I am planning a lil' Christmas Party- ok already invited over 30 people- excited.  I like parties and this one is going to be adults only..kind of forgot that was possible- hope some people can come!  All I know is yummy food, and Christmas music ( on Pandora on the BluRay- Happy Early Christmas to Me!) and friends- Sounds good!

Another different note - I want Iced Pumpkin Cookies all the time.  Seriously I have made them um 4 or 5 time since October---I feel I should move on- and my hubby doesn't even like them much (no chocolate, sorry man).  I think I will make them tomorrow- a last farewell...or that is what I will tell myself=)

Thanks for reading...I will get more organized and frequent someday,,,maybe...awww heck I most likely never will- that's how I roll.
First snow... I don't think he was crazy about it...I don't blame him not ready for days and days or 20 degrees!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just been up too late...rediscovering some Pandora action.  Just thanking God for my many blessings.  There is so much mess in the world but He is so good.  His love is so good- better really.  I complain sometimes about silly stuff but I am His and that is blessing enough.  I am thankful for the clarity that come from seeing my life through His eyes.  So much falls aside and only the eternal remains. Him- My Father in Heaven- He is really all I need.  He is so good to us.

There is a rest in Him that is in nothing else.