Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom Day

The best part of my Mom's Day was laying in bed between my boys- hubby- sleeping, baby- trying to..had a little tummy ache just rubbing my baby's back.  I love being a mom! 

Other highlights...

Hubby built me a big raised bed garden...I photo documented but I am waiting till there is a least some dirt in it to show it off=)- I am pretty impressed with our mad skills!

Went flower shopping with mom and sis- not kids--kind of nice.

Laid on a blanket in the sunny 75 degree weather and read- ahhh..

Hubby and Mover made me a card---ok Hubby made it and Mover scribbled on it--it made me cry.

Being a mom is a hard job--and even on Mother's Day we still are thinking about diapers, and naptimes, and food--etc-- so it really never ends, but it is nice to feel appreciated.  I am a big fan.

Happy Late Mother's Day- mom followers-- you all rock!

Thanks little Mover for adding Mom to my list of hats!!