Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I feel like I have been really negative about my son recently in my blog.  I just need to tell you all- I love my son more than life.  Truly- he is beautiful and funny and cheesy.  For only 7 months of knowing him I know him well.

is a social butterfly
loves to explore

is always looking for ways to climb higher

is driven
loves food- all food
never stops moving

loves music and tries to sing along
is independent
likes to scratch- my face or anythign he can find- like a cat!=)
loves to pound on his high chair tray
really really loves the water! baths or the pool!

likes when his daddy plays guiter

notices little details
makes weird noises I cannot duplicate
loves being naked.

Yeah so he is pretty special I think.  So even though he can be easily frustrated and whinny at times- I wouldn't trade him or my life for anything.  And he is waking up:) I miss him just talking about him!

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