Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Growing Family

So helllooo!  Since I talked to you all my sister- my older sis- and one of my dearest friends in the world- had baby number 4!!!  It's a BOY!! whoo hoo!  She has 2 boys already and a little girl.  They are all perfectly precious.  Baby Boy still has no name..they are pretty good at taking a long time to name their babies.
Before my son was born- pretty much the whole 9 months we called him Tater (we didn't know it was a him).  People actually asked us if that was his real name!?  It was funny, but really I had a hard time stopping the Tater name- I was pretty used to it.  He was kicker- HARD- so I scolded him a lot in utero, "Tater! knock it off! That hurts!"
I must say though I was glad it was her in the hospital and not me=).  I kind of missed being pregnant right after I had Elias.  I don't think by your 4th in 5 years you would so much.  I just saw them briefly but she say, "I am so glad I am not pregnant anymore!"  Funny huh?  I don't think I though of that a half hour after the little mover was born.  But I think she is just a pro.  She could have babies in her sleep:).
I love you Lianne and Baby Boy!  Praying for you to be healthy and grow in love and a knowledge of God.


Lacey said...

Hi, Grace! I just found your blog this week! Congrats on another nephew - how exciting! I kind of understand how Lianne feels, as my little Grace (our oldest) was 4-1/2 when our baby #4 was born! I was pregnant and/or nursing continually for 5-1/2-ish years (and then Jaden switched to formula, and for the first time in SO LONG - my body is my own! It's so weird!) Anyway, just had to say hi. Baby Boy is precious! (And your little guy's pic at the top of the blog is adorable, too!)

grace said...

Thanks Lacey!! I love your blog layout! I am pretty new to all this and just figuring it out. Thank you for the Christmas card I loved it- Wow- it just cemented to me that we are adults- you little swing dancing Lacey is a mom and a mom of 4! crazy!!