Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cloth Diapers Part 3 or 3!! FINALLY!

Seriously some follow through sister!  Are you impressed?  I am- I am sooo impressed with my vast ability to complete things=).

Ok so the diaper I use most and have come to love dearly..mom's best friend...

BumGenius 3.0 All in One ( no I am not getting paid but if they want to donate to my stash of diapers I will let them)

Welcome lime green BumGenius 3.0!  This is the outer part.
This is the inner part- or insert.  If you notice these are snaps so you can fold and snap it to have double layer where your baby needs it.  The little Mover is a pee-er so I snap the small snap and put that in front.
This do not just sit in the diaper like the Flips do- they actually stuff in.  They call it a pocket.  There are lots of kinds of pocket diapers- this is just the brand I picked and have liked.  You can not reuse the outer shell part on these without washing because it has the pocket (sorry I forgot a picture of that).

These diapers also have what "professionals" call Hook and Loop fasteners- you know what I call them?  Really strong velcro.

This diapers are a little more bulking than the Flips and a little less user friendly maybe but I don't put my son to bed in anything but a BumGenuis 3.0- they are so dang absorbent!  It is the only one I trust wont leak at night.

This diaper is also an All-In-One, so hopefully they will fit him till he is potty trained and then we can also use them on future babies!  Sweet deal huh?

The only real negative of this diaper is the velcro.  When I got these the directions said you could dry them on low- well you can't-  it makes the tabs not stick as well and makes everything else, fuzz, fur, string, etc, stick to them.  So a lesson I learned never dryer dry the outer piece.
This diaper is about $18.00.  I would say you need about 20 to be totally set.  I have 12 and have made it 7 months but now I want to wash diapers a little less diligently so I want more:).

These are not the end all of diapers but they have been my friend.  I look forward to hearing though about what you use and like!

So I took these right before bedtime...can you tell he looks soooo tired!
Good night and good riddance I am done diaper talking for a while.


Erika May said...

have you used any AIO's with snaps? i got a few of these because i heard they last longer than velcro. just wondering since i'm patiently waiting (okay not patient at this point!) to get to use mine.

grace said...

yeah I have heard good things about the snap kind. are your gDiapers snap AIOs? I have some knock off BumGenius ones with snaps that rid too low but Heidi's snap ones worked really good. I can't wait till you get to try them too! And have a cute new little one!!