Tuesday, February 23, 2010


No - not literally- but thanks for the reminder- finish diaper post=).

I think I  have literally 3 mins to post but I didn't want to leave anyone hanging...
No I didn't go swimming.  Yes my son was up a million times for no apparent reason. No I wasn't to bitter because we laid in bed this morning after he ate and he slept for another hour and a half which I needed and I guess he d id too.  Sleep is good.  I guess I just need to take a deep breath and accept today as it is, yet still strive to be better. 

We are going soon to an award ceremony for a teacher my hubby works with...there will be appetizers (aka dinner) so I don't need to cook- good thing because I didn't grocery shop either- mostly because I like to do the budget and envelopes and all that biz first and my hubby has to put the money in the bank first.  Which he just did so tomorrow I will pay bills and such.

Are you asking yourself- what did she do all day then?? Well beside the normal feeding and taking care of my boy...who has been whining more than usual today, I tried to track down people I don't know, with 10 year old phone numbers- to get current info for our 10 year reunion planning.  It was awkward (like that word..it looks spelled wrong always).  I found quite a few on Facebook and I even check MySpace which I pretty much forgot existed.  I still have  probably 15 that I haven't contacted.  Also I graded my hubby's DRAs- basically a reading comprehension test..we did it in Anchorage so it was no biggie.  He is just busy so I was glad to help some way. 

That is it- that is the day so far at least.  It is only 4:30pm. 

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