Thursday, February 4, 2010


Looking at this picture...does something stand out to you??  I mean besides that he is gawking at the camera (which is his standard "camera face").  His hands!  Seriously sometimes I look at them and wonder if babies can get stretch marks...I don't think his skin can handle anymore fat!  I wonder if he feels like I did when I was pregnant and all puffy?!  Hmmm ....
Today I found a hundred dollar bill in a book we got for our wedding 4 YEARS ago! Well I guess we never got around to reading that. Oops:)  I feel like I have to now though.
I finished my taxes and am thinking about trying to make hummus..but really I just have some cooked beasn on the counter and a crying baby who wants springing from jail...ok his crib.  So I guess I will chalk it up to a 50/50 day..oh and I talked to Verizon forever... I think cell phone companies and insurance companies are linked to the mafia- just a little side note in case you wanted to know.

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