Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cool Find----Cards

So cards are pretty pricey but I don't usually like them enough to spend the money.  If I had time I would make cards but really I don't have time and am not that creative!
A few months ago my mom, little sis, and I had a girl's shopping day.  We went to this little store in town that I had never been to.  Lots of random little stuff.  I found these cards.  I bought four of them.  I am thinking about framing them I love them so much. 
And the inside is really simple.
 Cute huh?  Here's my other favorite.

And inside

I love the colors and the simple messages.  Oh and they are recycled and printed with soy ink (not sure why the is good but thats what it says on the back.
You can find these at:

Happy Sunday- Oh just to let you know the Cupcake Bites were a huge hit at the party last night.  Whoo hoo.  I think that made my weekend.


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