Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It is as if my son knows when I lay down to take a nap he wakes up.  He is so tired.  Why does he fight so hard?  I am so tired too. My hubby wants to go somewhere for Spring Break which is ohh next week.  I hate that I didn't realize that until after I went grocery shopping for the month and got a bunch of produce.  I am just whining I know.  I desire contentment in life.  I just wish today that teachers got paid what they are worth so I wouldn't dread going to the store.  I wish I had endless patience and a few good night sleeps.  And Spring I wish it was Spring.  Oh and I wish we had a church I really felt part of. And a garden....yeah I think that is it.  Maybe a dryer that doesn't keep go ing and going until you go turn it off:).  Ok I am done. Contentment Grace Contentment- Rest in what God has given you. 

My sister and her 4 kiddos are here staying at our house for a few days.  I will post cute pics soon...too tired right now.  But they do family time at night and everyone answers a question.  The question was "What do you want to buy?".  I had a hard time answering at the time.  I felt bad though because I want to buy diapers, and a glider chair, and paint for my guest room, and sleep and patience (if you know where I could buy some of that let me know). 

I think he went back to sleep...I am going to attempt to lay down for a few minutes.  Wish me luck!

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ProudMom said...

I love your house and your food and your family. :) There's nothing more I would want for my dear sister... I love your blessed life. :) When I move here, I'm going to spend more time with my nephew... and my sister...I'm looking forward to that. :) Love you.