Monday, March 22, 2010

This One is for You!!

It has been pretty nice out on and off here.  True when it isn't nice we get snow and frigid wind but.. hey that is Wyoming for you.  Anyways the Mover has found a new passion in life.  BEING OUTSIDE!!  It is like a drug to this young soul!  I love it.  With this passion comes picking up dead leaves, trying to eat rocks, crawling up this stairs.
 Doesn't he look so dillegent?  Yeah that is how he rolls:)!  Hard work crawling around!  Oh and up-- we like to crawl up- aka climb.

I am the object which to climb...often.

And eating my face or the camera is the reward after the long climb!!  WHooo hoo!  Go son!

This post is in honor of my lovely son who has slept through the night the last two nights.  God bless you my dear sweet boy. You might be a little more high maintenance than some but I love you always no matter what!


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Happy spring day! go have a great day at a park!! smiles

grace said...

Ok now it is snowing..Wyoming you are a fickel one!