Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love Amazon

So my love affair with Amazon really started at Christmas time when I decided to by all of my gifts online.  I did this more because the Mover was just at an age where it was tough to go out shopping for hours and I always felt like I wasted so much time.  I did end up buying a few things on Black Friday but that was it.  Everything I bought was free shipping and I think I spent quite a bit less.

I have been wanting to buy some Christian Parenting type books as you may recall.  Well I am finally doing it=).  I was a little annoyed that most parenting books are written by men.  I mean God bless our men truly but  really are they the authority?  We are dealing with crazy babies most of the time and they are off... what..getting a degree in Child Psychology?  So I pretty much feel like I would relate better to a female perspective.  I ordered two though.
First the female perspective that was recommended by my sis.
And the second- the male perspective:
I have heard good things about both.  I hear the first is an easier read.  I like the idea of finding a philosophy to use- maybe not a 100% by a book but something consistnet.  I think it is the teacher in HUbby and I that find ourselves wanting to teach and instruct our children and use consistent language.  We have both learned from the classroom that be stay calm better when we set expectations and they are known- as with consequences.  I makes it easier to discipline a child without  making it a "me vs you" business.  For me it makes it less emotional.  Like I am not giving you this consequences you are essentially giving it to your self for the choice you made.  I remember my students hating when I would say that but they couldn't argue.  It allows you to keep treating them with love and separate it from the consequence.  Now I have not idea if that works in parenting like in teaching but we will see what I think once I read these books.

Also I ordered some bath toys for the Mover who LOVES the water and splashing like a mad man.  And a book on Motherhood (can't remember what it was called) and a yoga and pilates video (I have had a lot of hip pain since my boy was born- hoping to strengthen my core a bit..if I actually do it but that is another story)
Oh and a sleeper for my boy.  Grand total?? $35.00!  That was less that I just spent at Kmart on easter basket goodies for the Mover!  One of the books was $1!  How cool is that?!  I love Amazon.  I just entered to win a Kindle on thepioneerwoman.com.  I could handle that.

On a different note I would pay a lot for someone to decifer my son's bad sleeping habits that have no pattern at all.  He is happier and less whinny when he gets enough sleep but then right now when he wakes up after a 20 min. nap- angry and screaming..what the heck?? The house is quiet and I know he needs sleep.  I don't get it buddy.

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