Friday, April 2, 2010


Well today is Good Friday and it is good in many ways.

1.  I went to breakfast at Eggingtons with dear friends I don't see often.

2.  Hubby is home.

3.  My son was only up a little last night and slept till7:30am!

4.  I am making a Blackberry cobbler I have been thinking about (well for Easter).


I would take a picture for you all to see but that would take a process of prying his mouth open for longer than .5 seconds.  Also- not much to see really but I can feel it- it is a sharp little guy.  I discovered it today after the worst lunch session ever- he was crying and grabbing the spoon and smearing food everywhere- it was madness.  So I gave him a bath and was holding him and he started chewing on my chin..weird I know- he has done this for months- mostly just to me...I must taste good.  But today it hurt like no other!  So I pulled him off and checked- there on the bottom right a little tooth!  I know this sounds weird but I can't picture him with teeth.  I feel a bit emotional.  He is only going to get bigger, stronger, and more independent.  My little boy is growing up.  I know it is a long trip still but it feels like a milestone.  It also explains some of his behavior and makes me feel less bad for Tylenoling my son up sometimes:).

The other day the electricity went out for a few hours.  I just was watching my boy.  Everything else I needed to do required power.  He was hilarious.  I think he forgot I was sitting there and after a little while he looked up at me, got this huge grin, and crawled over to me as fast as he could (which is dang fast) and climbed up on my lap.  It wasn't anything special but it was- it felt important- like I saw a boy in him in that moment- a sense of humor all his own.  I can't really describe it well but I felt like I was getting to know my baby in a new way.

In 3 days he will be 9 months- In 3 days- 9 months ago he was born- helpless.  Now he can hold his bottle, crawl, cruise along the furniture, pick up and eat real food, say momma and dada, smile, laugh, and play games.  It is a miracle to me that God can form his entire boy inside and out in 9 months, then 9 months later his is becoming a boy- independent and strong.  It is truly amazing.
Day 1- My boy=)
About 9 months later.  He is priceless isn't he?  What a little ham he is becoming.

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chellekoryn said...

Eggington's was fun! I like the story about his tooth. :) And I really like the story about his crawling quickly to get you. He is such a neat person already. I am glad i got to see him that day... we'll have to get together this summer a few times.