Friday, April 23, 2010

I didn't forget about you guys....

I have not really good excuses though- just hanging out with my boy- oh and starting a new business, and trying to help my Hubby figure out a plan for next year, and ...ok that is all I can think of.

So I need to tell you my new revelations on motherhood.  The other day my mom asked..."So what have you been learning about motherhood?"  Ha- mom you are gonna have to wait like everyone else- till I get my butt in gear.  And as I am typing this I am thinking it is an hour past my bedtime and I am BEAT!  I know it is 10:55pm....on a Friday, but I am sooo tired.

Tomorrow I will post and put a  video of my son who is just out of control cute lately!
Love you all!

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