Saturday, April 10, 2010

8 days...what is the world coming to??

I haven't updated in a while- well 8 days to be exact.  Crazy.  I missed you little blog.  I have come to find some relief in "verbalizing" here.  Anyway oddly I feel like a lot has happened this week.  Nothing you want a visual for.  The majority would have been pictures of the Mover projectile vomiting on every piece of furniture, the floor, me, my Hubby, and himself.  Yeah I know it is exactly what you wanted to picture.  Oh and if that isn't enough I was right along with the boy.  My poor husband was a little overwhelmed.  He never got sick though, praise God because I was pretty out of commission for a few days.  The Mover is still not 100% but doing better.  It was kind of funny though to realize how quickly this family needs me...
."How do I get the portacrib to stay up?"
"Where are his onsies?",
"How much tylenol do I give him?"
Honestly in spite of the fact I felt like death, it felt good to know I had the corner on a small bank of knowledge:).  Also my moving son stopped moving.  He never wanted off of my lap for days.  I didn't know he was capable of this level of cuddling.  It was beautiful in a sad way.  It was very hard though to see him so miserable.  I think I cried as much as he did.  It was hard to let my hubby take care of him- though I trust him fully and would normally not think twice..but my baby? sick?  I just wanted to be there..

Also I decided to start a business endeavor.  It is called Stella and Dot and it is a way cute, trendy jewelry line that you sell at parties and such.  I don't want to use my blog as a forum for this or anything I just am updating you all.  Anyways I am really excited.  The business plan is solid and nothing about it gave me that "mmmm...not so sure if this is good" feeling.  So I just ordered my samples today and can't wait to get started.  Little nervous but more excited.

Other than that I had a revelation about motherhood that was freeing and wonderful from a book I kind of mentioned from my Amazon purchases.  I am only on page 37 but it is changing my life- ok maybe not but God is using it to connect some other pieces he has been showing me already. But that is not for tonight.  It deserves it's own post.

Goodnight friends


ProudMom said...

I'm excited to hear about the book.... :)

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

yeah! for you...glad everyone is feeling better!! smiles

chellekoryn said...

if you have a party for stella and dot... let me know. I love necklaces!! Maybe if i sold some more partylite I could spend that money on stella and dot... gotta stick to the budget. ;)