Monday, March 29, 2010

did I scare you?

I hope not...looking back at that last post it was really all over and maybe sad.  I didn't mean it to be sad.  I actually feel a ton better just putting it out there.  I really am pretty good.  I think I just struggle with things and don't admit them at times until I have bad day and can't hold it in.  I just want to thank you- out there in cyberspace for listening.  It is interesting to me the levels that we live.  Like today my level is much more...well...not so complex.  I am thinking about summer and the Mover's birthday in a few months and how I want to do something fun, and what I want for dinner, and "Wow is he still sleeping?"....That is all.  But all that yesterday stuff is still there.  It just isn't bringing me down.  And really in the end it is all good.  I have a loving Father in heaven who is here- everyday. Sometimes shaking his head at my antics and sometimes smiling in love.  He is in charge and I am so thankful for that.

I believe my son is waking up- from a 2 hour nap- longest in as long as I can remember.  Thank you Lord for the little gifts.

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