Sunday, March 21, 2010

Un Athletic

Tonight my husband made up a random game of throwing a little plastic ball at the ceiling fan.  If you hit the middle- 3 points, the metal part- 2 points, the fan blades- 1 point.  He was pretty good.  I was pretty content to nod and smile and keep looking at recipes online.  But noooo a game isn't fun by yourself right??  Yeah.  It was a painful reminder of why I love NOT going to gym anymore because I am an adult.  I seriously lack eye-hand coordination.  Probably doesn't help that my Hubby was burying his head in his hands, laughing in disbelief, and I was cracking up at just how truly unathletic I am! I do like tennis.  I think I am a little successful because of the larger surface on the other hand- whew- not pretty, people.
Why I am telling this?  No idea just popped into my head.
I realize though in part- if I was bothered enough by this I would stay up late throwing the dumb ball at the fan or go to the batting cages but truly I realize in most sports I just don't care enough.  I care about health and fitness but I just lack athletic competitiveness (is that a word??).  I really would just rather read a book or take a walk then get all crazy competitive.  Just who I am a I guess.

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that's have many other talents not related to athletics :)