Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carrying the World on my Shoulders...

I know- I know I promised pictures and some info about San Diego.  I know but it has been crazy.  I got sick on our trip and lived on Sudafed for a few days.  I pretty much felt like death- but I am a bit of a hypochondriac.  Then the day we were coming home and flying out and the crack of dawn- Hubby got sick.  Then yesterday the Mover got sick.  I am starting to feel better but sometimes I think I am getting pneumonia...I think I should WebMd myself.  Probably just hypochondria again.  So basically I haven't had a full REM cycle in 3 or 4 days and this is literally the first chance I have gotten alone.  I will update when I don;t feel so much like I am carrying the world on my shoulders...or at least my family on my shoulders :).

 Yesterday he was cracking and just starting to get sick...He wouldn't go in his crib, but he would stick his face in the corner of the couch and sleep.  Cute huh?  Doesn't he look huge??

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