Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's try this for real

Son- asleep CHECK
house clean CHECK
laundry done ______ oh well do it later.
glass of red wine in me CHECK

WEEKEND! and QUIET!  Good combo to post some pics.  Welcome then to our semi cold (Californians called it freezing)

So we went to San Diego and LA.  Most of our time was in SD though.

This was the view from our balcony.  It was a row back but man that ocean was loud!  I liked it.  Slept like a baby!

This was the same day as the "baby's first ocean day" picture in the last post.  I really just love this picture.  Daddy time- LOVE IT.  Kind of makes me want to cry- in a good way of course!

I think this is one of the few pictures of me from the week and of course my boy looks all goofy.  Silly guy!

The petting Zoo in the San Diego Zoo.  Little Mover had a blast and was fearless!  The whole Zoo was pretty cool.  They don't have cool bird house that it rains in though like the Brookfield used to have.  That was my favorite thing as a kid.  My hubby wasn't really crazy about going to the zoo but knew I was a fan.  Thanks hubby!

This was a little park off the harbor in downtown SD.  I am sure it has a name but I don't know what it is.  I just loved the cool trees with red blossoms.  We walked probably a half mile down through these little shops and stuff.  It was windy and a little chilly but nice.

Half way down our little walk we realized we needed to pay the meter and I needed a coat so my hubby ran back (God bless him) and I let the Mover out to play in the grass.  Can you tell he was happy to be out of the stroller??=)

Our walk down the pier took us to the USS umm...what state was it...?? Missouri?  Maybe? Ack I don't know and my hubby is rocking my little boy who just woke up.  Anyways-  It was a husband choice but I really like it.  It made me think of my wonderful grandpa that I miss dearly and it just amazed me the detail of this ship.  Very cool.  This picture is on the landing strip on top- oh yeah because it was an aircraft carrier.  Wow did I learn anything from the audio tour?  Oh yeah I had a baby with me I only listen to about 3 stations but hey it was free=).  The audio tour- not the entrance to the ship.

This was on our LA day trip.  It was spontaneous and I was snotting and hacking up a storm with the cold I then passed to my family.  I was a bit unimpressed.  We went to Hollywood and Venice Beach and had a really long drive back to Oceanside (where the condo was).  The Mover was soo tired of the car and I was sick and living on Sudafed and the hubby was... well.. regretting his idea.  We are always reforming our mindset to living with kids.  It is good and we wouldn't change it, but sometimes you just forget all the factors involved.

This was our warmest day.  We went to LaJolla.  I could so live in LaJolla!  Beautiful.  The mover was CRAZY!  My hubby surfed and I watched this little guy.  He put rocks in his mouth, ate sand, crawled all over.  I used to worry that I would get tired of babysitting when I was a mom.  It doesn't happen often but this was one of them!!  This paragraph could be a lot longer but I will refrain.  Crazy beach day!

I went for a walk by myself just north of La Jolla beach.  The boys stayed in the car while the Mover slept.  They have tidepools out here.  They were kind of cool but not as cool as I have seen in Oregon but the view was nice, as was the quiet relaxing walk.

Well that is the highlights- minus dinner with dear old friends Ben and Larissa and brunches and breakfasts with some of the hubby's fam that was in town and some that live in LA.  It was fun and nice.  I was ready to come home.  Not so ready for the 6 inches of snow today though!

Just so you know since I started typing this the Mover has been up twice- poor kiddo can't breathe from all the snot, and my hubby has gone to bed.  I have a feeling it will be another night with the little man in bed with us.  How does it work that the littlest takes up the most space?



chellekoryn said...

You got to see Ben and Larissa? Cool! It does look a little cold, but not Wyoming cold at all! Hope you are all over your colds...

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Very GoOOD! so glad to c u all had a great time! smiles