Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have a booth at a craft fair  I am doing with Stella and Dot this weekend- a little nervous. 

I am trying to shoot a deer for the first time this year- haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet...a little nervous that I will freak out though...

My son has been teething for a month now- 3 top teeth and my sanity is almost out the door.  Pick him up- he cries- put him down- he cries--just can't win momma.

I love Fall and always feel like it slips through my fingers before I have had enough.

I want to eat pumpkin cookies everyday-

but sugar hates my stomach...but that is another story.

I am admitting that I am a procrastinator and work well under pressure.  I also admit I love organization I just can't seem to keep anything organized.

I hate that you have to spend money to make money- this concept is lost on me.

Mormon missionaries have been stalking my house-  I was nice one day and now I see them every week-  I don't have the mental energy to talk to them all the time- but they are so eager and young and I know most people don't open the door so I feel bad.  But the more I listen the more surprise I am at what they believe with little or know evidence.

I think I am going to send my family away next weekend so I can overhaul the basement room from hell that has taken over my basement-  I want it to be a real room not "the room I can't open the door to"  it is truly overwhelming.  I need a trip to the dump- some bins, and a few gallons of paint...and ..ok I probably could think of a lot of things that room needs.

I think I am prolonging a few things with the Little Mover that I probably need to give up- bottles and soft soled shoes.  I don't think the bottles would be hard- he only has one in the morning and one before bed- sometimes not even that.  The shoes though- he hates real shoes- HATES- walks around like he is wearing duck shoes and cries.  He tips over and has no balance- so I don't try it much.  I don't know, I like soft sole shoes they make me feel like he isn't too big yet.  And the bottles..I don't know I think I just give them to him out of habit.

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