Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fragile- Handle with Care

Moms, not babies, are fragile.  I know this because well I am fragile sometimes and I tend to have no tact and think I offend fragile moms because of that.  So yesterday I met this nice girl- ok she is my age really,  I think we could be friends- anyway, she has a 3 month old boy and he has been a little high mintenaince as I like to call it.  She is back to work and feeling guilty about it.  She is emotional and questions her ability as a mom.  Did she say all this to me?? Not really but kind of. 
Then there is me- I stay home, but feel bad because I am not contributing.  I fear I am wasting time.  I try to make myself feel better by doing cloth diapers and making baby food and sticking with our budget for food and such.  But I still feel insecure and fragile at times.  I hate telling people I do these things because you really have to be careful with moms or they think that you think you are better than them- this is DEFINATELY not the case.  I am just doing what I need to do to make it...and even then I have days where I am not so sure if we are "making it" whatever that means.
Moms- or maybe just us newbies- we are a tough crowd.  We are tired, overwhelmed, and often feel inadequate.  We have trouble even befriending one another at times.  It is silly- but true.
I just want to give all the new mommas out there a hug and remind them (and myself) that I am not here to please the world or meet some unseen expectation- I am here to simple honor God and love and care for my family.  I need to remember that God is bigger than today and today's concerns.


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

YeAh!!! welcome...keep honest like I know you only can!! Maddie ate a Cheerio!!! huge...smiles

Larissa Annen said...

as one who struggled through it, please remember you have the GREATEST and HARDEST job in the world. raising your son. trust me, moms and dads can make or break a child. ask a therapist. the contribution you are making to society but building up a child of God is not even measurable. so screw the income and thank God you are privileged to stay home!