Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So I am on a little mission to get votes for a contest/job I would love to have.  The company is Hopscout and they sell one "classic" toys one a day, that are reviewed and approved and sold at a discount.  They are looking for 5 moms or dads to review products and write blog posts and such--$40 and hour plus  $200 a month toward your child's college fund and $200 stipend for groceries.  Sweet deal right??  Well I am sure it is a free advertising tool for them, it is still a sweet gig.  I am not feeling SUPER positive at this point, but if you have a chance before Friday at Midnight please vote for me on the Hopscout facebook page...and tell all you brothers,sister, moms, etc to vote too! =) thanks
 This is the link to my video I did to enter- top 20 people with the most votes at in the running for the 5 positions.

other than that-  I am just super ready for warm weather....I bought everything to try to fix the screen on my storm door (after watching a "How to" video on I can't get the screen out of the door...I don't know- the video just said take the screen out and they popped it out....mine is not working like that...hmmm..still problem solving that one.

So it is Holy Week.  I have been ready the Easter story to the Mover every morning we read a few pages in his kiddie bible (  I am not capitalizing because it isn't really The Bible it is a story booky version but I love it).  He doesn't really get it or care he just points to animals and such- but it has been good for me to really remember the sacrifices my Savior made for me. 

We are hosting Easter dinner this year.  I am excited- Hubby is making Ham and potatoes, I am making chocolate raspberry truffle, carrots, and punch.  My dad- salad and pineapple bake, and my homegirl Lynn is bringing dessert.  My mom is working at the hospital and my sis and her fam or headed to Nebraska to see my bro-in-law's family. 

That's all she wrote..I need to get some stuff done for my Hubby.

God Bless and happy Passover, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter-- aka- Holy Week.  So thankful that my God is so big he conquered death and made me clean.

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