Friday, April 8, 2011

I Like

1.  This bag on Piperlime under "Girl on a Budget"- super cute huh?

Tried to paste a picture but it was not wanting to go-- seriously though I think I need it=).

2.   I haven't made any recipes yet but I like looking at them.  She also has gluten free which is nice-- we are not gluten free, but I have a few good friends who are so it would be nice to have good recipes ready.

3.  great ideas that are doable-  I am using this and the Money Saving Mom's printables to start my home management notebook tomorrow.  I am excited I need to get everything in one place--I am naturally scattered.  And I love templates- they are my friend.

4.    This is actually a lot rolled into one- I like the Mover, and summer, and playing outside at my parents with the Mover and his cousins (which we were doing in this picture last summer--wow time flies!)  I also kind of like his hair here..I miss it longer...

5.  Days off- as in tomorrow when my hubby is taking the Mover all day so I can just have ME time!!  I am getting a massage and going to a baby shower and to lunch and hoping to get some home management notebook going and scan old pictures into my computer that never happens.
  Oh and I like my hubby who is taking over for the day!!

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