Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I haven't been really feeling very great the last few weeks.  I sometimes feel like it is more emotionally and sometimes physically--just tired and sluggish and unmotivated.  Part of it is I haven't been very busy and I really function better under some pressure.  I also have an evil stomach (IBS)--I haven't talked about it much hear because really I just don't like dwelling on it more than I have to.  But amazingly I have been pretty good- I have been able to eat a lot of things that a few months ago would have had me doubled over in pain.  But I think maybe the flexibility I am allowing myself in diet is part of my sluggish feeling.  I mean, I will take sluggish ,I guess, over miserable, but it is getting old.  I am thinking about taking the plunge back to my old diet...maybe not as severe.

Basically I couldn't eat anything with sugar in it.  Fresh fruits and veggies- out, breads- out, caffeine, chocolate, ice cream, fruit juice, yogurt, all out.  It did help though- -I have done that on and off when my tummy flares up and it helps settle it down.  I still can't handle caffeine or juice-- especially acidic juices.  I have found I can handle small amounts of sugar from fruit if it is not on an empty stomach...I know it is a mess.  My poor hubby can never keep up with all of these things.  So I am going to cut out all refined sugars- still trying to keep the fruits and veggies- and keep the whole grain bread- that does have a little sugar but no high fructose--it has never given me issues.  I am hoping that and getting exercising will help.

I also just need to admit that I need more social interaction than I get in a day, and it wears on me.  Most of my stay at home mom friends are either content to stay at home a lot, or are really involved in "kid activities".   I just want to hang out and let the kids play, but I feel like I am always the initiator and that gets old.  What is weird is I was chatting with a friend who told me that she things everyone feels that way....hmmm...maybe?

So..yeah...I have been really disjointed in my posts lately- thank you all for reading!

Question--what keeps you motivated and energetic???


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

I think it is tough to stay home with not much adult interaction...also it is hard becausee then I want to talk with Chad...but he is not what I am looking for in the chat session! love him..but not a good chit chatter! sorry to hear about your tummy...not fun! you are welcome at this LOUD place anytime! I will let you know...maybe you all can join us for a walk! this friday we plan to walk from my house to the purple park! leave around 9ish if the weather permits! you all are welcome!! smiles

grace said...

I love you Kim and we will plan on it! And I am with you out teacher men hubbys don't really see the negative it less adult interaction=)