Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I don't really feel the need to appease people often by pretending I am something I am not.

1.  I don't eat all organic food.

2.  I don''t eat all wheat flour.- or I do eat wheat.. whichever concerns you.

3.  I eat sugar (as much as my ridiculous body allows- not much) and I let my son have sugar.

4.  I buy Walmart brand (just not those few things that are yucky like biscuits and cereal)

5.  I let me son watch TV- Blue's Clues hear we come!!

6.  I don't always understand being a mom or wife.

7.  I don't always trust God.

8.  I listen to non Christian music on Pandora (lately Wilco and The Fray)

9.  I want more of God.

10.  I want to be honest.

I feel like I am finally to a place that I am pretty secure in myself as a house manager..I usually think I am good as a mom, but then a new phase hits --God keeping me humble!  Not that I am perfect, but that I am not going to be easily swayed by other's notions about how it should be.  I may change my views on things through time- actually I am sure I will, but I am OK today just striving to honor God and raise a man with a godly heart and love my husband well.  Basically the grace of God is a beautiful thing.

Off the subject my computer is temporarily working...it is a TOTAL mystery!  So a few old pictures for you.  Happy Tuesday.  I am tired- Goodnight.

This was for Christmas Eve service...OK I know it is April!  Sorry!  But so cute huh??

Christmas Morning Little Mover and the Hubby with his new tent! 

Thick and thin I love these boys!

" Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in love." Romans 12:12

I appreciate you all!

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Erika May said...

you are great! i think children make us understand change and force us to deal with it! some more great music recommendations for you to try out on pandora: band of horses, fleetfoxes, neko case, blitzen trapper (although they might not be on pandora...try daytrotter.com) grizzly bear, deer tick, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, the polyphonic spree...i've found that music doesn't have to have the "christian" label to be uplifting. have a good day!