Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snow and other stuff

Big white snowflakes falling today..yes it is April in Wyoming...which pretty much means bipolar weather patterns!  Yesterday I wore flip flops for the first time since ..oh summer and cleaned out my window wells and cleaned up the flower beds a little.  Today yeah...not so much! 

So I have started to "feel" a little freedom in my grocery budget from my few things I am making at home these days.  Loving the $15 or so increase a month from not buying paper towels.  Figure I am saving about $10-15 a month on laundry detergent.  Also made a batch of cream of anything soup- just a simple powdered mix that makes 6 cans worth for maybe $2.  Got that one from .  That is really all but I can tell I feel let stressed about the food.  It is nice.  Makes me want to figure more easy ways to be able to spend more on what we want and less of the budget on what I used to think of as needs.

I have been really annoyed with my cloth diapers lately.  They are stinking really bad when they are dirty.  Ok maybe that sounds dumb but if you are a cloth diaperer you know what I mean--really ammoniaish ans way more than it should be.  I have stripped them with Dawn and bleach like BumGenius says to and about 3 days later--stinky again.  They are still absorbing so who knows!!

My little Mover goes in Tuesday for shots and all that..icky.
Speaking of the Little Mover- he is really testing lots of boundries right now.  Ok pretty much every boundry we have establish this far in his short little life he is being testing.  Hitting, not laying down for bed, not coming when I call him, yeah-  it has made for a trying week or so.   God grant me patience and consistency!

I passed my Eleutian Technology (teaching English to Korean students online) test and mock lesson.  Didn't go as well as I would have liked, but I passed so now I just need to get some paperwork in and start looking for positions. 

I need to go be consistent with my little man right now. :)

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Chromosomally Enhanced said...

congrats on the PASS!! I am glad you have moved away from being "really" interviewed! do you remember that? funny you sitting there and saying ooohhh you really are going to interview me? it was so stinkin funny! you rock! and so does your boy! and how you make your own stuff...I think it is awesome! hugs and smiles