Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Money...hopefully

Back to the workforce for me!  Part time at least...I kind of forgot how intimidating being evaluated could be!=)
Tonight I had my first training for Eleutian Technology.  It is a Wyoming company that teaching English in Asian countries via Skype or other similar tools.  I left my Mover for 7 hours today and 7 again tomorrow- ugh- but the huge benefit of doing this is that you are teaching during the day on their side of the world and night time for us.  So pretty much I wouldn't miss anything really except the Mover sleeping (and my hubs sleeping too:).  I am only going to do it a few days a week because I do still have to get up with my little guy at 6ish everyday so I don't want it to drive me to a sleep deprived insanity.  But so far so good-  I am a little intimidated but I think I can learn the systems and hopefully learn to talk slower=)! 

What else??
Oh I found pictures of the Mover from Christmas SO CUTE!  Then my computer freaked (again- Nate if you are reading this HELP ME) and will not turn on!  I haven't had time to figure it out the last few days, but I have to admit I am losing sleep thinking about the dumb computer!  I know I know-- my hubby tells me that is a silly reason to lose sleep too, but oh well it doesn't stop me really!

I also loose sleep because my Mover has these little red bumps on his foot and I start thinking about it in the middle of the night with a tired, irrational brain- ugh- wish I was better at shutting it down.  Anyways he has a Dr. appt. the 5th of April so I am not going to worry.

Second day of training tomorrow at 9 and my momma is watching the Little Mover.  I miss him but honestly he does not miss me!  He has so much fun with his cousins or grandma!

Confession-  I have been living in wind pants lately.  Today I wore jeans and felt so restricted!  Who ever decided that looking "nice" or "professional" or whatever had to be uncomfortable?  I am back in my wind pants for the night but I guess I have to face the reality that no one wants to see me in wind pants and yoga pants everyday=)!!


Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Yeah for you!! nothing wrong with being comfortable!! I am all for comfy pants and shirts and shoes!! have a great day at class...I bet you ROCK!! smiles

Susan S said...

Wondering how the new job is going...