Monday, March 14, 2011

waffles and Moab and laundry...

It has been a good and busy week.  My Hubby had Spring Break this last week and went to Moab biking and camping with his good buddy Wade from Montana.  They had a great time and I got a little done here and spent some time with my teacher friends and their kiddos that I rarely get to hang with.  Also just had a lot of time just me and God.  Just really good.  Still kind of formulating about those things.  So on a lighter note....

I am super excited - I have a full fridge and pantry half way through the month- even produce!  And I still have a little money in envelopes!   I was really feeling negative about my budget this month.  It has just been kind of screwy with Hubby's trip and car and truck repairs and yeah- ya know when it rains it pours=)!  So it was good to know one of my envelopes was weathering the storm!

I am partway through my paint and organize my "office/toy room/Grace's closet room" and it is coming together!  Feeling good about it so far.  It is bright..really bright but I think I like it!

I (with the help of my little sis- holla!) made 4 gallon size bags of waffles to freeze today.  That felt good.  The big revelation to me is that I can use my freezer!  I know I know- duh right?  But  there are only 3 of us.  I always have leftovers.  And I often throw them away a week (or so) later.  Why don't I freeze them?  So the last 2 weeks I have been freezing leftovers here and there and now I have 3 meals for this week pretty much ready minus some rice or noodles.  And let me tell you that rocks!  One less meal to cook never hurt my feelings or my budget!  I do find sometimes if I made something and it wasn't a favorite it is hard to get it back out for another meal but that doesn't happen too often.

Well I can't type in the skills really and my hubby is ready to turn off the light so night all!

I also started using my laundry detergent I made.  It is a powder recipe.  The liquid are a little more frugal but a lot more work than I wanted to deal with Recipe . I used the powder for a top loader.   I was nervous but it worked well--did about a million loads today- yeah know the whole campfire smell thing!  I love it though- literally took 5 minutes to make- super easy.

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rob and tiff said...

that's the same recipe that i use for my laundry! love it!