Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am using you all as a distraction.  Thank you.  My son has been gradually reverting to infant sleeping patterns and not wanting to fall asleep at bedtime (unless we are cuddling in our bed) and then waking up at 2 or 3am wanting in our bed again and screams and screams.  The biggest problem is that I admit my Hubby and I are suckers.  We love our little Mover and love cuddling with him.  But I don't want to go to bed at 7:30pm and the Mover really needs to.  And I miss having a little "no kid" time at the end of the day.  So tonight I laid him down (kicking and screaming mind you) at 7:35pm after 25 mins of book reading and solid winding down activities.  Well it is 8:15pm and I haven't heard him in the last 2 mins.  Good sign.  Not getting my hopes up yet but- good sign=).

This week is spring break for the schools here.  Ummm it is 30 degrees and my backyard has A LOT of snow.  Just in case you are wondering...not exactly planting time around these parts.  Sometimes when my Hubs and I are talking about our future moving situation or possibilities I realize that milder winters are rising on my list of things I would like in a new home.  That and bigger closets...and rain so I don't have to spend 100s every summer keeping my grass green.=)

I am working on some Spring projects- slowly but surely- but I am waiting till I am done to show you all.  That is what I should be doing but this project is my office/ clothes/toy room and it is right next to my Mover's room.  I am not taking any chances tonight!  I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the fruits of the Spirit into wall art..hmmm let me know if you have ideas.

Have any of you read the "Mar Needs Moms" book that they are making into a movie?  A friend gave me that book for the Mover and I LOVE it- it is one of my favorite picture books ever.  Kind of curious how it will work as a move.  

Sorry no pictures---honestly I would need a whole post just to explain my camera issues lately!  =)  Happy Wednesday!

God Bless

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Chromosomally Enhanced said...

very funny! why would you leave Wyo...we have 30 mile hr wind daily and that is a great way to get your hair did! I would like a bigger house but then I would have to clean it...spring break is over-rated with a moving toddler!! hope all was good last nite! smiles