Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Confessions

1.  I don't feel like my bedroom is really clean unless there is an afghan folded at the end of the bed.  I think that might be kind of old ladyish.

2.  I am a picky eater and I realize it has nothing to do with taste and everything to do with texture..I don't want a crunchy thing in my soup or whatever.

3.  I realize my week is better when my Pandora Chris Tomlin worship station is on often.

4.  I am emotional this weekend--nothing beyond just being a girl but it is annoying.

5.  I haven't showered today.

6.  I just made my hubby's lunches for the week.  When I decided to stay home we decide I would do that for him.  I haven't in well...awhile.

7.  My son is the cutest kid ever.

8.  I have like 5 crafty ideas hanging out in my brain- I don't thing I have ever completed a craft in my life.

9.  I read a Ted Dekker book the other day- the whole book--400 pages or so...that is why I don't read except on vacation.  I can't stop---it is like a dormant addiction from my childhood that I suppress so I can accomplish things.

10.  I love the world of blogging and bloggers-  It is so helpful and great to know other people are where you are.  It is a great encouragement and has taught me a lot about a lot of stuff.

Happy Sunday!
God Bless!
Galatians 5:22-26


Lacey said...

Hey, Grace! What Ted Dekker book did you read? I've read the Circle Series and the Lost Books, but none of his other ones. I LOVED what I read, and I wondered if his other books would be as good. I know what you mean about not being able to stop reading. It drives Luke crazy how well I can ignore the entire world around me until my book is finished. Have a happy week!

grace said...

Hey Lacey! I read Bride Collector-- it wasn't my fav of his but good enough to get me hooked. I haven't read the Lost books but it is crazy all of his books are a little interwoven. My favorite I think is Blink. The only one I wouldn't waste time on is Obsessed...I was obsessed with finishing so I could never think about it again!

Erika May said...

my house can be a mess but if the bed is made i feel like everything is crunchies in the soup? that's one of my favorite textures...and wait, you don't read because you like it too much? :)