Friday, February 25, 2011

Monthly Plan and Shopping- Month 2

Well stocked fridge, freezer, and pantry...feels good.  Not done, still need to do Sam's Club and Safeway for some produce and couscous.  I went at 9pm last night.  I was tired but it was nice to have the place to myself pretty much and no Mover trying to climb out of the cart every 5 minutes!=) Spent $150 at Walmart..I thought that was a little high but I did get enough bread and eggs for the month. The checker was impressed though=)!

I meal planned more thoroughly this month using a template I got from the Money Saving Mom 4 week meal planner vertical.  It doesn't have a lot of space to write but has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for everyday.  I usually put the ingredient that I will need in my meal plan, but couldn't with this.  It definitely made me realize that it really is ok to buy 4 loaves of bread and 3 dozen eggs because we really will use them.  Also helped me to get a realistic picture of how much of each fruit and veggie I would need.  I am also trying a few simple meals I found on  I was referred to this blog by the lovely Amy Horst (responsible for breaking my paper towel addiction- go Amy!).  I like this "frugal fun life" lady- she is a real mom.  I think we would be friends.  She makes snacks and freezes them...hmmm I need to do this so my Hubby doesn't go to DQ every time he needs a little sweetness.  She also makes her own waffles and freezes them..I totally need that -we burn through waffles like nobodies business.

Well little man is napping and I have a Stella and Dot Trunk Show at 3:30pm so I better bust a move!

You all learn anything new and exciting from the blog world lately? I would love to hear about it!


Erika May said...

inspiring as usual! i haven't delved into formal meal planning but i have been using coupons (i know, duh!). baby steps! have a good weekend.

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

very good! I am in awe! you go!! Happy Friday...smiles

grace said...

Go Erika...I really need to do more coupons probably just not organized enough and haven't wrapped my brain around it! =)