Thursday, February 17, 2011

Budgeting month in review

So I was gonna give you all some updates that I have wanted to do for a while camera is MIA again (maybe hubby took it to school), and Hubby's camera is minus 2 rechargeable batteries?? Hmmm..not so sure about any of that but I guess it will have to wait.

So I almost made it my first month with ad matching and the whole "try to buy a lot of the big stuff at the beginning of the month".  It has worked pretty well.  We still have 6 days till pay day and I will most likely need milk- no I will definitely need milk but other than that I am close to on budget. (To be honest I was supposed to put $50 gas in the truck but I only put $25 then bought some groceries with it a few days ago).  Anyways envelopes are pretty empty but we haven't used the card and we haven't pulled from savings!  Whoo hoo.  We are feeling a little ghetto but I don't mind really.  It just feels good to assess the month and feel good.  My hubby always has trouble with his spending money for the month running out fast (burns a hole in your pocket ya know?) so this month I split it in half and hid the second half.  I did this with our gas month too (helps us not to "borrow" gas money for other things).  It worked awesome!  Even my hubby felt really good about it.  I think we all look forward to some breathing room but for now I feel like that really helped us.

I am also starting to go through  "31 days to a Better Grocery Budget" on  I haven't gotten far yet but I think she may have some good ideas.  Check it out if you are interested.  I have just found it really difficult to make tasty, fresh foods and still have money for staples and a little snacks on our budget ($350 a month).  Hoping Money Saving Mom will help!

Lastly, and totally off the subject.  I took the Mover swimming today at the indoor aquatic center.  My 1 1/2 year old got in trouble!  From a life guard!  They have a little kiddie slide...he was going down head first. Oops!  I was guiding him down but he kept lunging head first before I could catch him and get his feet out in front.  So I guess mom got in trouble too!  But he LOVED it and was having a blast!  Another little boy a few month older was afraid to even walk up the 4 stairs to the little slide.   I think my son is the smartest, bravest, most adventurous little man around....but I am his mom and all.

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