Friday, March 18, 2011


Last night I heard sad news.  A little boy about my baby's age passed away a few days ago.  He had a seizure during nap time.  It was unexpected.  Completely.  I just met this little boy and his loving parents last week.  It is shocking and heartbreaking.  There is nothing you can say or do besides pray.   I cannot imagine that kind of pain.  I cry just trying to.  I am not one to quickly question God but, this is one of those moments for me.  I struggle to understand why God would allow this precious sweet boy- with loving, caring parents to leave this world so early.  Too early.  I guarantee he meant the world to his mom and dad, just as my Mover means the world to me.  I say all this to ask you to pray for this family as well, since it is all I can think to do at this point.

Oh and hug your babies- whether they are old or young- many or just one.  My baby slept with us last night.  I didn't sleep real well getting kicked all night, but I didn't want him out of sight- ya know?

Makes me realize that my little complains are just that "little".  I didn't lose my home or family in a tsunami or have devastating, unexpected loss. 

Thank you Father for our many blessing and be with those who are struggling, lonely, or broken today. 

Thank you for your prayers.


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