Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day in my brain....

My baby was so tired today- he has been waking up early and almost fell asleep at 11am sitting at the kitchen table, helping me make some pumpkin bread.

Have you heard the song Breakeven by The Script?  It is super catchy I think.

I am working on a material list for my garden (first ever!)  I am gonna need to find some free dirt though...haven't figured that into the budget.  I was looking into doing a compost pile but I think that will wait for now.  I am super excited to do this little project!

Funny story- my friend Chris gave my hubby and I, a Crate and Barrel gift card for our wedding..yes over 5 years ago=)-- I really thought it had $25 on it and I have looked online. but never really found anything I needed and forgot about it.  A few weeks ago my Hubby found it and took it with him to San Fransisco and saw a Crate and Barrel and they scanned it (guess we could have done that online just never thought about it) and it had $60 on it!  Funny huh?  So I bought myself a fancy Cuisinart waffle maker- since I have been using my mom's and she wanted it back.  I haven't gotten it yet but I am super excited and glad I forgot about that card!  It cost me $1.99- whoohooo=)!  Thanks Chris!

My son is the cutest kid ever.

I made this orange cleaner- basically orange peels and vinegar then dilute it in half.  It smells kind of funny.  I can't really decide what I think...

I think we are having Salmon and salad for dinner tonight...I haven't been feeling my meal plan this month...I am still using it, I just never want what I am supposed to make on the day.  Next month my Hubby and I are doing it together.  It will be good I hope..a little worried he will want to spend more--more fancy stuff but then I guess we will see!

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