Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cuteness and other random things

So I have decided (doesn't that sound important?)  that my son is so cute that if you tried to get a rating for him and plug all his cuteness into a computer it would come out with this conclusion:


You want to know why?  Because he is TOO cute!  He would send the computer into a tailspin (remember that cartoon?) and it would crash.  Sad- but true.

Yeah sometime I worry-  oh ya know like mom's do.  That he isn't growing enough and is gonna blow away when the Wyoming wind starts blowing (too late it is blowing already).  I worry that he will not talk because he doesn't talk much now.  I worry because websites (that I have a love/ hate relationship with) say that he should be rolling a ball and pointing to body parts- yeah he has no interest in such things.

But in the end, when I am sitting on the floor playing with him and he runs ( I mean RUNS like he wants to tackle me) up behind me and wraps his arms around my neck and peeks his face over my shoulder and says "HI" in this high pitched little voice.  It is over-  the world can't handle this level of cuteness-  It is OFF THE CHART!  I know, I know, I am enamored what can I say.  Ya know what else is super cute?  When I hand him a graham cracker and he runs up to it with a HUGE smile and is SO excited- like "that is the coolest thing ever Mom"  I love it.  I love his personality- well I did marry his Daddy and they may be cloned...I am checking into the genetic probability of that=).

Anyways just want to say that...

and that there is no where you can go in this town without hitting construction.  I feel like I am back in Alaska.

and that Captain Crunch is a dollar a box and Albertsons..

and that I wanted to make something pumpkiny stuff today but didn't have any pumpkin and couldn't fine any in the store-- I guess it is still August...wish our Fall was longer or at least existed.

and I think I had a lot of parentheses in this post....I must be a little distracted today- who knows really?!

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